30 May, 2008

I miss this show so much...

... that I can't think about it during the day or I get sick to my stomach!  I will not be able to wait until January.

I am in a state of depression.


29 May, 2008

Another L.A. venture!

Jenny and I decided to do something crazy today and went to downtown L.A. with our KIDS to do some shopping.  She goes down to the fabric district once in awhile to get her material and I had heard that 12th street in the garment district is great!  Since they are within blocks of each other, we ventured together and I must conclude... lots of junk BUT some gems to be found in the rough!  I LOVED it!  I recommend going there for sure.  And if you ever want a companion to help "dig" and find the good stuff... I am always up for it!  Here are some highlights of the day.

Cate and Haven in Michael Levines fabric store!  They had some unique things.
Jenny loading her fabric into the car before we headed to 12th street!
A man on the street with a cute puppy.  
Should I try on this gaggy purple wig?
Why not... I have always been a Britney Spears fan!
The shoes that Haven wore there were hurting so we bought her these... a whopping $1.99!  Not bad huh?
And I let her pick out a junky 99 cent wallet!
Haven & Berkley's 4th of July dresses... $10!
Jeweled hair clips.... 50 cents for a 2 pack!
A jewelry store had all 99 cent accessories!  Heaven!!!
A new basic white blouse to conquer the heat in this summer... $11!
A "Hype" brand dress for Haven w/ Nordstrom tags on for $50... I paid $10!
A dress for myself... $12!!!  How could I pass that up?

28 May, 2008

Berkley's choice of toy...

Why do my girl's think these are STICKERS?  They are NOT and they waste them daily.  I finally told Bryan that we need to put locks on the bathroom cupboards and drawers.  Especially for Berkley.  Every morning when I am getting ready, there is some magnetic force that attracts her straight to the lovely little pads.  The other morning I found her like this with them stuck all over her.  It was actually pretty funny.  Who would have thought that these would entertain her more than a cheesy, colorful episode of Barney?

26 May, 2008

Memorial Day weekend!

We had a great one.  It started off with some great memorial day sales.  I have been looking for some colored jeans and I picked myself up these two pair at the True Religion outlet for $35 each.  Originally $180 each!  I feel like I got a smokin' deal.
We also hit up the H&M friends and family sale and I got a few cute blouses from their $5 clearance.  I got an additional 20% off too!  Bryan needed a few new spring/ summer things and made out well also.  Wish I could get him to model his new what he calls, "Shia Labouf" suit.  It is a suit vest with matching pants.  I have never seen him more excited.  He also bought himself a white suit b/c why?  He said that it is a summer MUST have in his GQ magazine of course!  I will see if we can get some modeling shots later this week.  I promise they will be good.  He already modeled it for the missionaries with a baby blue shirt, navy tie and navy blue Sperry Top siders while telling them he was ready for the upcoming summer wedding receptions!  Sadly, this is NOT a joke!

Amanda and I did some cupcake tasting at a new cupcake shop.  They were NOT as good as Sprinkles!
The weather by our house was crummy so we headed out to Palm Springs where it was 80 degrees and beautiful.  The girls loved playing in the pool all day.

Dinner at CPK one night

And dinner with Mike as well with him and Bryan in matching shirts.  
We stopped at Bryan's parents for a BBQ on our way home where Berkley thoroughly enjoyed the Ice Cream mud pie!

And the biggest news of the weekend...  Drew and Elle got engaged today in Park City!!!  We couldn't be happier and can't wait to have a darling new sister in law!  To hear how he proposed click here or here.

22 May, 2008

American Idol Finale and After Party!

The man who made it all possible
Ace Young
Teri Hatcher and daughter Emerson
Lupe and Jeff Archuleta were nervous before the show
Melinda Doolittle (this one is for you Lisa)
Jason castro

Justin Guarini

Our After Party Tix

My cheer advisor in high school is the spiritual leader for the Idols
Michael Johns
Makeup station at party
Carly Smithson
Kristy Lee Cook and her not so cute dress

David Cook's proud mom
Jeff Archuleta and little sis Archuleta
My brother and Best friend forever!
Light up fruit!
Brooke White (says "Hi" to Megan Price Hess)
Fun fruity drinks
Delicious food
The Cupcake Queens
Jason Castro