30 December, 2010

December with Daisys!

This month we were able to do two fun things with Haven's Daisy Troop. We got to march in the Laguna Niguel parade. The theme that The Girls Scouts had was red, white and blue! The weather was beautiful that day. A perfect 75 degrees. We were also able to take donations that we had been gathering as a troop to the Children's Hospital at Mission. It was a really neat experience for the girls. I was proud of them for doing a wonderful service. This is what I really love about Girl Scouts. The life long lessons that they will learn and the community service they will give. Poor Haven's mom (even being the leader) couldn't find Haven's vest for BOTH events. Whoops!

An Italian Christmas!

I was SO excited for this year's annual Thacker/Denison Christmas party! We had so many fun ideas like an Italian Food Truck, Italian Soda bar and of course a loooong Italian style dinner table. As I was helping prep for the night with Lindsey I came down with a horrible migraine and ended up in Lindsey's bed for the whole party! I was SO sad. It certainly will be a night I'll never forget.
P.S. Bryan was fabio and played the part perfect!

December this and thats


Known to others as "The Christmas Carol" but known to The Garlock family who has been seeing it at the same theatre for over 40 years "Scrooge"! We love this tradition! It is fun to see cousins and get into the spirit of Christmas. It's great to open up endless boxes of See's candy and eat pizza at Numero Uno after. Until next year Glendale Center Theatre.

Christmas Card 2010

Thank you Matty C. for capturing this picture with a thrown together 15 minute photoshoot! And thank you Korinne for photoshopping Burt Reynolds. One more shout out to overnight prints for my FREE cards since they were 5 days late and 26 cards short!

Berkley the red nosed reindeer!

Berkley sang her little heart out for her preschool Christmas program! She always is the loudest and makes for a good laugh. She has been singing every song all December long. Haven wanted to be taken out of school to watch her little sister so of course I gave in. It was fun to have the whole family there!

19 December, 2010

Motab Christmas Concert

Bryan and I flew up for a short 21 hour trip to Utah to see David perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. He did AMAZING and it was so fun to be there! Kendra was on our flight and it was so nice to see her. We also were able to go check out my brother and sister-in-law's new house where I fell asleep on the floor from my Xanax. Sorry Drew and Elle. Later that evening we met up with Joe and Jen Packer before the show and ate at The Copper Onion! It was good but the company better. We drove over to the show with them and it was a great plan! We got to park underground and walk through the tunnel where the apostles go. Boyd K. Packer happens to be Joe's grandpa. It really was nice to have that on such a COLD night! We flew out early the next morning and were glad to come back to three little faces. A very memorable experience that we will always remember.

05 December, 2010


Yesterday I took the girls with a group of mine and their friends to see "Tangled" at the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood. We had SO much fun! What a darling movie! I had not been feeling well all week but knew the girls had been looking forward to it. Even though I had a fever on the car ride up... I am glad we went. The girls had a BLAST! After the movie we headed down to Disney's soda fountain shop for dinner! When got home at 8:30 and I would be lying to say that I have never been so excited to crawl into bed.

02 December, 2010