25 June, 2011

"Swinging on a star"

Berkley's dance recital was about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Although she forgot a couple parts in it, she gave her 100% and rocked it out with hilarious facial expressions! Her class danced to "Swinging on a star" and in my opinion... had the cutest costumes of the night! A huge thanks for Mrs. Mikelle Bunker for teaching Berkley this year!

20 June, 2011

Pre-school graduation

I don't know why I was so emotional today at Berkley's graduation. I guess because I realize that she is my second to go into elementary school and I only have one more left. Berkley may be the smallest little thing but she has a larger than life heart! With her dance recital and graduation... this has been her week. And Haven has been SO sweet and supportive with all of it! I love these girls to the moon and back!
P.S. So what if I forgot to brush my hair.

16 June, 2011

Life changing

A month ago we got talked into buying a juicer. A few of our neighbors are really into it and led us to believe that it would change our life. Well- IT HAS!!! We do not skip a day and have seen a huge difference in ourselves. Bryan and I juice "The Green Drink" every morning and it has become a family affair as everyone wants to gather around and watch the fruits and veggies go from solids to liquid with in a matter of seconds! What is in the green drink you may wonder? It consists of 6 ingredients: celery, pears, kale, lettuce, cucumbers and ginger. Bry and I have both seen a HUGE improvement in our energy levels. I have seen an improvement in my skin and also the whites of my eyes have not been as bloodshot. We are addicted! And we have even found a store called Growers Direct where the produce is literally half price of a regular grocery store. It only costs $1.30 per person per day! A real bargain if you ask me! You can't put a price on good health!

Cheese face

Every time I take a picture of this girl she makes this face. And it makes me smile.

Build a Brownie

For the end of year girl scout party we decided to take the girls to Build a Bear and buy them the brownie outfit! It was SUPER adorable and they all had a ball! We ended with milk shakes at Ruby's! Easy and fun.

My little Duck

Cutest 1st grade performance. Haven was a duck. She sang, she danced and she spoke her part loud and clear. It was such a great play! Sad this year is over.

Civil Wars

A last minute phone call from David asking if we wanted to go see The Civil Wars with him in LA and we were all over it! What a fabulous concert! Such talent. I am so into small venue shows. The intimate setting is so much more raw and real. The girl in Civil Wars happens to be a friend of Davids who is adorable. The nicest and most darling Joy! She is quirky and silly and creative and talented. She did awesome! I hope her band does big things! We ended the night with some midnight Thai food at Toi on Sunset. And then really ended it at 2:00 am when we got home! I'm getting too old for this staying up late stuff. But I also hate to miss out on all the fun...

15 June, 2011

D-land date night

We put the kids in bed and headed out to Disneyland last night. It was the last day we were able to go before our passes are blacked out for summer dates! Big mistake... It was the most crowded I have ever seen it! And D-land on days like that make it NOT the happiest place on earth! We didn't make it on one ride. But instead decided to get churros and hot cocoa and watch "World of Color"! We had never seen the show so it ended up being a perfect plan! We got gutsy and went into the front "wet zone". Luckily our $6 poncho helped us out! Super fun night out with the Brays!


Berkley has been calling herself a "fashionista". She is a crack up! As of lately... she will come to my calender and ask me what she has going on through out the week. A 1/2 hour later I will go into her room and she will have her outfits with coordinating shoes and bows picked out in order of how she will wear them. She will even tell me the hair style that she wants to go with it. Her new favorite is a "high pony tail"! I love this little person. She makes me laugh everyday!

13 June, 2011

I'm loving...

This new (yet old) piece from the Flea Market that I am using to hang my earrings on.

Circus Vargas

We got an amazing deal for Circus Vargas through Groupon and took the kids for Family Night. I'm really glad the kids had a great time because I thought it was lame! There were NO animals! I was so disappointed! I think the best part was a glow in the dark skit that started with horrible dancers waving stop and slow signs followed by a construction worker with a vest and no shirt doing some acrobatics. It was bad! And the greatest line of the night was when Haven said "That didn't seem like a Circus. It seemed more like a talent show!" She hit the nail on the head!


*Magnolia Bakery banana pudding
*Lunch at Toast
*Turquoise vintage belt
*black fedora with colored band
*Vintage emerald pants
*ruffled romper
*modest/fun short sleeve dress
*3 vintage skirts
*magenta vintage skorts
*large barrel shaped basket
*vintage magazine holder
*4 bracelets
*a large wood ring
*3 pair of gold earrings
*new favorite pair of thongs (compliments of GAP)
*yellow scalloped bowl from Italy dated 1912
*glass vintage lamp
*8 decorative balls
*1 night at the Marriott
*Dinner at Mi Piace
*Cupcakes at Babycakes
*Lunch at Coles
*gas for a large truck
*$8 flee market fee (why so much?)
*6 flower headbands
*mirrored vintage tray
*25 necklaces for me, the girls and party favors
*jewelry holder made from an old wood frame and chicken wire
*2 bags of fresh cherries

That's what you can get for $316! Great time included!
**and we may have seen a naked parade too
***and I may have WAY too much jewelry

12 June, 2011

School Carnival

I have some MAJOR obsessions lately. One of them being our cute little elementary school. Before Haven began school there, Patti would talk about how much she loved it. She would go on and on about how she herself and her kids had done private school. When LNES opened 8 years ago she made the switch. She said it was one of the best decisions and that she feels so LUCKY! I agree. I love walking up to that school. When we walked up friday night for the carnival I told Bryan that it was my 3rd time walking there in one day. It's so great how close it is. I had a blast walking around seeing Haven interact with her cutest and sweetest friends. I am appreciative of all the kind parents and teachers. I love her principal (pictured in last photo) who stands all of 4'11'' but has leadership like that of a giant! The night was filled with games, water balloon fights, prizes, hot dog on a stick, dippin' dots and dancing. A great tradition to end each school year!