28 May, 2010

American Idol Finale

These are all out of order but so is my life these days. Stressful yet fun time at Idol Finale. My friend Lisa came down to escape for a few days. She is an amazing single mom of three girls. It was fun to chat about our daughters and do girl things for a little while. Fun to see Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson backstage. Unfortunately I got stuck back there alone and didn't get to watch the show from my seat. The only cool thing about it was standing in the press room right next to last years winner Kris Allen while this year's winner was being announced. I could see that it brought back tons of memories for him. Had a few encounters with "pants on the ground" who actually gave me some good laughs this season. He also ended up staying at our hotel and told us some good stories in the lobby the next morning as we were checking out. Lisa and I went shopping thursday and tried out "The Drybar" in Brentwood which was fabulous! I wish someone could blow dry and style my hair everyday! I missed my little girls and Bryan & am glad to be home. I look forward to a relaxing memorial day weekend with them.

23 May, 2010

Some of our recents

Playing dress up with mom's things
Doing weird things while babysitting cousin Reese
David and Grandma Jeanne duets
Teacher Appreciation week as first time room mom (lots of work)

Brunch in Laguna for MaryEllen's birthday
Catching a glimpse of the whale in the Dana Point Harbor

And enjoying beautiful Spring weather and flowers

16 May, 2010

My lil BF

August is my BF. We stick together like glue. Rarely am I away from her and I miss her when I am. She is such a pleasant baby! So easy to tow around. I just adore her sweet temperament and personality. On thursday at her 9 month check up she was in the 40th percentile for her height and only the 5th percentile for her weight. Now that she is LOVING to feed herself table foods... my goal is to sneak a little butter on just about everything that goes into her mouth! And yes~ I totally regret buzzing her hair.

10 May, 2010

09 May, 2010

Blessed Mother

I am not going to lie. My Mother's Day was not perfect. But perfect is over-rated. I didn't get to sleep in as I had wanted. My kids were kind of naughty. I was late to church. My monthly visitor came to see me. My house was kind of messy and un-organized. But I do appreciate my three sweet little gals. And I do have a fantastic husband that made me delicious homemade oatmeal in bed and bought me a new dress to wear. He also gave a great talk in church about Mothers and said kind and loving things about me. In the talk he also said the word Lover twice over the pulpit and also announced to the congregation that we are done having kids. Oh Bryan... It was a little embarrassing but you have a charm about you! And everyone loved it. We ended the day celebrating with both of our moms. I am blessed.

Bryan's Birthday Celebrations!

We have partied. We have stuffed our faces. We have loved being together so much this weekend. And we are now so tired! Bryan had a goal to lose 32 pounds by his 32nd B-day and he DID IT! I could not be more proud of him! To celebrate he wanted to splurge a little on his diet and eat a bit of junk. Well deserved for the birthday boy! We ate at Javiers for dinner one night with my parents. Original Pancake House for breakfast one morning with his family. And I took him to a cheesy but memorable dinner and magic show on his actual birthday! The weather could not have been more perfect and I think Bryan has enjoyed all the special attention!

07 May, 2010

Happiest Birthday to Bry!

Bry turns 32 today! That means we have known each other for half of our lives since we met at age 16! He is the best husband, most fun dad and greatest friend! I adore him and feel lucky to call him mine.

06 May, 2010

Ironman 2

Last night we were able to attend a pre-screening for Ironman 2 in San Diego. I had never seen the first one and don't really care for sci-fi movies. However- I LOVED this movie! It was great! Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke were fantastic and perfectly cast. The technology in the movie blew me away. It was a super fun date night for Bryan and I. I love that BYU is out and that lots of the college kids are home to babysit on the weeknights and during the day!

05 May, 2010

Mum Mums

These little rice crackers that disolve in baby's mouths are SO great! I saw them at Walmart of all places and grabbed a pack only to find that August LOVES them! They are great on the go too! I guess they came out right after I had Berkley so just discovered them. They have won awards and make both my little babe and I happy!

04 May, 2010

He's always there!

Love this dog to pieces and love being around him. But... having an hour to get a massage alone with out him would be nice.

03 May, 2010

I LOVE this 9 month old!

Well 9 months have flown by! I can't believe it! 9 months feels so close to a year! It seems like this past week I have a different baby. Her little personality is really starting to show. Here is what she is doing:
* Saying "Mama" on command.
* Talking to herself before naps or after she wakes up
* Crawling everywhere
* Falls asleep sitting up in her crib
* Screams in the morning for her rice cereal
* Loves getting her belly tickled
* Is over watching baby einstein and has moved onto Elmo
* Enjoys petting or pulling at Gordon
* Still nurses a few times a day but loves her bottles of formula too
* Likes to eat crackers
* Is good at people watching
* Has Bryan's mouth but my eyes and nose
* Is a tiny little thing
* Seems to be a very good combo of her sisters
P.S. I think her buzz cut is coming along quite nicely.