27 August, 2009

My sweetie pie turned 3 today! She seems SO old and big now that she is not the baby anymore! I adore this bright eyed smiley girl. She makes me laugh everyday!

22 August, 2009

"I DO"
I can't sleep so thought I'd blog. It must be all the sugar from the wedding cake! Tonight Amanda married Michael at a small and beautiful ceremony and reception held at the Ritz Carlton.
These two are head over heals in LOVE!

Me and my darling sis!
The fab wedding coordinator that I recommended Amanda use... The one and only Kathy Jo Peterson!

Baby August's first wedding! Kimberly snuggled with her for a bit.

Bryan with Amanda's dad who also happens to be Bryan's boss.
Time to go! Everyone was tired... especially this little bug.

17 August, 2009

Since her birth two weeks ago today... she has slept through the night 5 times and the other nights has only woke up once! I really appreciate her for letting me catch up on my Zzzzz's! I am sleeping more now than I did the last 3 months of my pregnancy!

And how funny & cute are little baby's positions when they are asleep? Look closely at her finger in this picture...
I love her crossed legs in this one...
And her hands by her face in this one...
I love this sweetie and just enjoy cuddling her everyday!

09 August, 2009


07 August, 2009

Dear August~
Every uncomfortable day of being pregnant was all 100% worth it to have you in our life! I couldn't wait to meet you and I think you were a little anxious yourself. Poor Dr. Thein was worried the whole pregnancy that you wouldn't stay in for the full 4o weeks. You were VERY low from the beginning and I could feel it everyday. On August 3, I went in for my weekly check up. I had not been feeling well the previous 4 days and felt like I was fighting a flu bug. Dr. Thein and I both talked about how it was good you had not come out yet and maybe you should cook in my belly a little longer. We decided that he was not going to do an internal check in case it stirred things up. During the visit... I described a few other symptoms my body was feeling and asked him what it could be. He then told me that those were all symptoms of my body trying to put itself in labor. He then said he felt like he should check me. Right after he did, he said "Excuse me for a moment. I am going to call the hospital." I was wondering what was going on. He then came back and told me that I was dialated to a 4 and that I was pretty much in active labor. I needed to go home and get my bag and meet him at the hospital in an hour. I told him that I did not want to be induced and wanted to have things happen on their own. He told me that if it happened that way then I could potentially risk not being able to get an epidural or anti-biotics for the strep B that I tested positive for. He also only needed to mention that I could have my baby in the car with how quick my labors go so I listened to him and away we went.
Your daddy met me at home to get our stuff together, do a last minute clean and give me a beautiful blessing. I felt very peaceful going to the hospital. Unlike with both of your sisters being woken in the middle of the night in labor.

Daddy took one last picture of us "together" before I put on my hospital gown and got my IV.
They hooked me up and asked me if I was feeling my contractions. I said no and the nurse then told me that I was having them and had dialated to a 5 on my own. Dr. Thein is a smart man! He knew that this was your birthday. The nurse said I would have had you anyway today even if the doctor hadn't sent me in. I did a lot of laying on my side to pass the time! And finally started feeling contractions in my back. We all looked at each other and knew that this meant you may have to be delivered sunny side up!
I got my epidural shortly after and felt good. Other than "the shakes"... I was very comfortable! Aunt Katie and I made a deal to see one of each other's deliveries so she was in the room during your birth and was very sweet. I loved to see her excitement!
Well my little angel... you were sunny side up! Just as we thought! And although that is supposed to be more hard to push out... you flew out in 5 short minutes! I was SO surprised how easy it was! I was so overwhelmed with how sweet and perfect you were! Our first meeting made me SO happy!
I was SO glad you were here and nothing made me more joyful than to hold you in my arms!
Your sisters were waiting right outside the door and had to run in and see you! Even before they had a chance to give you a bath and clean you up!
It was a special moment!
Your daddy was SO excited to meet his 3rd princess and was so kind to me during labor! You are one LUCKY girl to have him! And so am I!
Your grandparents and great grandparents came to see you!

And many close friends and loved ones! Jenny and Amanda came when you were just 1 hour old!
Your sisters begged to come hold you in the hospital every day!

Uncle Tanner came before he got on a plane for work!
And Cousins Reese and Beck couldn't wait to meet their new little buddy!

Your future pre-school teacher Mrs. Shirley came!
Liz and Jill!
And we had a "girls" party in the room with Brooke, Katie, Julie, Amy and Nicole!

The next day we took you home. Your sister Berkley crawled into your hospital bed and pretended to be a baby. She is a BIG girl now though.
Haven helped daddy put you in your car seat! She is the BEST helper!
You were SO small in such a big car seat!
We got home to see the infamous stork in the front yard and had to laugh when they put your birth weight wrong! Don't worry though... they came back and fixed it that day!
We are now a family of five and you have made us feel so complete! We already can't imagine life with out you!!! I sit here and write this with tears in my eyes because I know that in a blink of an eye, you will be grown up. I will cherish you and this precious stage of your newborn life! We LOVE you and your sweet spirit so much baby August!!!
All my love, Mom

05 August, 2009

08/03/09 8:44 p.m.
6 pounds 4 ounces
19 inches
Birthday story and more pictures to follow....

02 August, 2009

Ok- so I have been a bad girl! Of course I have not followed my low sugar diet at the end of this pregnancy! Last night Bryan and I tried a new cupcake shop in Lake Forest. It was REALLY good and much closer than Sprinkles. I highly recommend trying it out. Especially with fun flavors like "Birthday Cake" and "Bordeaux"!