28 June, 2009

Haven's Dance Recital!
This girl has had so much going on lately.  I have to say that I am glad that things have died down for awhile and we have NOTHING to do all summer.  This recital was 2 days of rehearsals and 1 loooong over three hour recital.  It was worth seeing Haven on stage.  She really loved it!
In her first dance... she was a SKUNK!  The costumes were really cute!  She may have to re-use it for Halloween!
She LOVES dancing with her buddy Cascia!
Check out these tails!
Frell (a sunshine) and Haven (a skunk)!  Hilarious!
On stage!

Cate Tucker was an Owl!  Super cute!
Backstage before the big show!

This girl was a good sport during it all but wants to dance herself someday soon!
Her and Christian found some romance outside waiting for their sisters to come out of the show!

Excited to give her sister flowers!
Way to go Haven!
The twins!
Frell, Grace and Haven!

23 June, 2009

Some cute ideas for summer activities and free entertainment around the area!

21 June, 2009

Happy Father's Day Bryan!
You're our "King" for the day!
Haven and Berkley were excited about his special day.  I took them shopping and let them pick out a few small treats for him.
Then they did a "hot" and "cold" scavenger hunt with his gifts around the house.  They were anxious for him to see the goodies they picked out.
Ready?  Let's start!
Bryan thanking Haven for the gifts!
Some of the hidden treasures!
They then planned a picnic for their daddy and helped me make sandwiches with chips, apples, nuts and beef jerky!  Some of Bryan's faves!
I asked the girls their favorite thing about their dad and this was what they said:
Haven~ "My favorite thing about my daddy is when he throws me up in the air!  AND... when he takes me to Disneyland!"
Berkley~ "I don't know.  When we ride Scooters!"

19 June, 2009

Haven's first choir concert at Segerstrom Hall!
I wish they allowed us to video tape.  Or even take pictures for that matter.  I managed to sneak one shot but our seats were SO bad that it's blurry!  She had an amazing time and I have realized that she LOVES to sing.  I have also noticed her voice improving.  It is fun to see her enjoy something so much.  She sure is growing up right before our eyes!

17 June, 2009

Me gusta...
Apples and Peanut Butter right now!  I NEVER thought I would be calling this my treat but that is just what it is for the next 7 or so weeks....

15 June, 2009

Haven had her pre-school graduation this morning.  It was adorable!  I thought I would get teary eyes but stayed strong.  I think I am just excited for her to start Kindergarden.  With a January birthday... she is so ready! 
Mrs. Shirley has been awesome!  And we won't have to miss her too much.  Berkley starts with her in the fall!
Haven checking out her diploma!
After the graduation... we headed to the park where Berkley had her last play group party.  It was Jack and Lexi's birthday so we celebrated with a pinata and some cupcakes!  Luckily, many of her little friends are going to Mrs. Shirley's preschool with her in September!  
It was all about sugar today...
... except for me!  I am on a diet from my Dr. because my Glucose test came back high!  Very few sugar and carbs for me the last little while of my pregnancy!  It STINKS!!!  I am already going crazy and cheated last night when my grandma brought a warm homemade apple pie for dessert!  I am a sugar freak!  Maybe this is a wake up call for me.

08 June, 2009

Haven and Berkley are obsessed with makeup!  They are obsessed to the point of lying about/ hiding my makeup items almost weekly.  The other day... I was able to bribe Haven to keep Berkley in one place and play Barbies for 30 minutes while I got some shut eye.  Her reward choice... Walgreens for some lipgloss.  You may think this sounds bad but that is just what a pregnant girl has got to do to rest with two kids who don't nap!  
This morning... after I sent Haven off to school I felt a quick morning nap necessary.  I got three bowls of snacks(Teddy Grahams, Cheerios and Pirate Booty) for Berkley and locked her upstairs with me for some TV and munchies while I crawled back into bed.  When I woke up a mere 20 minutes later... I saw a clown with bright pink rouge watching Barney! 
I think the BEST part of this whole makeup rage is when Haven and I had this conversation last week:
Haven: "Mommy?  When you die, can I have all of your makeup?"
Me: (rolling my eyes)"Sure Haven"
Haven: "Well, when do you think you are going to die?"
Me: (somewhat laughing but kind of sad that she would actually probably prefer makeup to me)"I hope not for a long time and by then... you will have a whole bunch of your OWN makeup!"
*The thoughts that run through these kid's minds STILL surprise me daily!* 
I am secretly hoping for this next girl to be a tomboy!!!

07 June, 2009

05 June, 2009

I can't believe that I will be FULL TERM in 7 weeks!  I really hope this baby is like Berkley and comes early!  I am hoping for her to come in about 8 to 8 1/2 weeks which gives me some time to nest and enjoy the summer with my kids.  I am not going to lie.  Last night I thought about labor and I got nervous.  There is nothing more exciting than going to the hospital to meet your newborn.  I just hope that everything will go smooth during the delivery.  My nerves get the best of me sometimes.  

01 June, 2009

It all started tonight when our dear neighbor Patti came over to say Hi!  Little did she know what she was in for.  As Bryan and I were trying to get the girls to eat their chicken with vegetables, Patti chimed in and said:
"Haven and Berkley, if you eat all your food then next time the Ice Cream Truck comes I will pay the man to let us take a ride and pass out FREE Ice Cream to all the neighbors!  Then... at the end, you girls can get one too!  I bet he is on a break this week with the cold weather but he just may be back next week!"
It wasn't but 7 minutes later that Bryan looked out the window and suddenly signaled to Patti to get the girls and hide so they could not hear the blaring Ice Cream truck music.  It was too late!  The Ice Cream Truck was here!  The girls gobbled down their last bite of dinner and ran out to the street!  I think they had the best time ever and will be talking about it for days!  THANKS PATTI!