31 July, 2008


What do you do at the Fair besides?:
- worry your kids will be abducted
- Stand it long lines in the summer heat with sweat dripping down your face
- Become filthy & dirty by the end
- Walk in and out of thousands of people with a stroller and baby who doesn't want to be in the stroller

Well of course you:

Show your kids all of the cute animals!

SO glad that I only have TWO of these(see pic below)!!!

Then of course you watch the fun pig races!

That always needs to be followed up with some rides and playing

And also eat some greasy, nasty and unhealthy JUNK!  I couldn't decide which deep fried food to order out of these:
After almost getting the deep fried SPAM (kidding) we went for the deep fried Avocados with Pesto Sauce.  Pretty good!
This photo is for you Mo my cupcake Queen!
This little cut out made Haven craven some ice cream

Berkley tried Cotton Candy for the 1st time!

Make your last stop the pumpkins to get excited for the fall
And end with a fun meet and greet with a good friend!
Until next year.....

30 July, 2008

A few weeks ago we went to the Hollywood bowl for their Summer Sounds concert and crafts.  The kids had a really fun time.  Last time the theme was Peru.  They did some songs and dancing from this country and then a craft that went with the theme.  

We went back again yesterday and the theme was Africa!  

We die over this kid that works there in the red shirt.  He is about 10 going on 25!  He talks so mature and is entertaining to watch on the microphone as he explains how to do the crafts.

While we were there making the craft we all felt a pretty good earthquake.  The epicenter was where Jenny's family lives and we could not get a hold of them for a little while.  Everyone is OK but Jenny's mom said that all the pictures and clocks on her walls fell down.  Bryan told me that the actual epicenter was on the 9th hole of his old golf course... crazy!
Jenny and I stopped and did some shopping at the fabric and garment district in downtown L.A. on our way home.  Then I came home to shower and left for the John Mayer concert in San Diego.
We went with Brian and Amy Foulger and had lawn seats that I found on craigslist.  We watched Colbie Caillat perform and realized that we were just too far back.  

So Amy and I did a little smoozing and worked our way to 10th row.  She went back and got the hubbies and we all watched the show up close and personal.  It was AMAZING!  He sounds just as good if not better live!  
As the night went on, some people had left and we got even closer seats in the 5th row.
At the very end of the show, I worked my way up to the front where John reached down and shook my hand!  He is so talented and not bad looking either!
We got back SO late and are all exhausted but it was well worth it for such a fun experience!
Enjoy this video clip I took of John singing my favorite song.  And sorry about the screaming lady next to me.

27 July, 2008

This girl is already out and about and moving everywhere.  She is CRAZY!  Good thing that the Doctor said it is OK if she walks on her ankle now.  It is healing nicely and she doesn't really seem to be in much pain.  I am so glad to see her doing better.

25 July, 2008


Haven enjoyed a week at ballet dance camp.  The theme was "princess" and she was able to be there with three of her good friends.  At the end of the week they have a darling performance to show the parents what they learned.  She is already asking to go back next summer.  I think she mostly liked being dressed up as Cinderella.  It is her favorite Disney princess.