27 September, 2009

Blessing day!
Today Bryan gave baby girl three a name and a blessing at church. She was able to wear the same dress that both her older sisters wore. It was a wonderful day with immediate family. We were also able to invite a few neighbors to experience an LDS baby blessing. It was perfect and I am glad that we picked a family name for this sweetie.

August is after my great grandpa Augustine Sangineto who was an important person in my life growing up. He did not pass away until I was in College and lived a long and meaningful life. Her middle name Elle is after Bryan's grandpa Elwood. He is who my mother in law says Bryan got his artistic skills from.
We have been adjusting well to having 3 girls and feel like August has always been with us! We thank our Heavenly Father daily for sending her down to us. I am trying to enjoy her teeny tiny infant stage because they grow so quick. She has already changed so much!

My grandma wanted to try Mountain Dew and Bryan was so excited he called for a toast!
It was a happy day!

20 September, 2009

St. George!
We went for 24 hours to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday! Yes she lives here in Orange County just around the corner from us but we met up with all her kids and grandkids half way between here and the Orem/Provo area. Happy Birthday Grams!

All the things that happened in this short period of time:
* Cafe Rio, family meeting August for the first time, "Annie" at the Tuacahn theatre, Food poisoning, birthday program/ breakfast for Grandma, spending time with cousins (wish it were longer), swimming, Nielsen's frozen custard, SHADE outlet, Primm outlets, Tai Pan, Fuddruckers, 14 hours of driving!

16 September, 2009

Starting her out young!
Little August had her first trip to Disneyland at just 6 weeks! She obviously slept through all of it but I had to get her up for one ride. Small world for a small girl. Perfect for the first ride of her life.
Of course Haven and Berkley had a great time too. They were SO excited to see these people just as we walked onto Main Street!
We heart our Disney passes!

13 September, 2009

26 years ago... I had my first day of Kindergarden!
Now, it's Haven's turn! I can't believe she is a kindergardner! Where does the time go? And Berkley started preschool! They are both SO excited.
Very happy to go!
This girl has sure grown up the past year and is ready for preschool!
Haven with buds Saylor and Kaili!
With mom and dad in front of elementary school!
Running to meet her teacher and classmates!
Mrs. Cardwell will be perfect for Haven!
In her classroom with mom!
Berkley LOVES Mrs. Shirley already of course!
We can't wait for a school year filled with learning, growing and fun!
Berkley's Birthday celebrations!
I am so behind with blogging. I'm trying to catch up for journaling purposes! We had a fun time celebrating Miss Berkley Rose turning 3! She suddenly seems SO big and more mature! I love to see she and Haven play together each day. Whether it's dressing up, riding bikes or coloring. She is such a joy!
Celebrating at Grandma and Grandpa Thacker's house.
Celebrating at Ruby's with Nonny and Poppy and Nichols.
Birthday morning she requested Hello Kitty Waffles with chocolate chips.
We have a tradition of hiding our kid's gifts and playing HOT and COLD with them to find them on birthday morning. She loved opening dress ups for her and her dolls!
Bryan took her to Disneyland for special daddy/ daughter time and let her pick anything she wanted to do. She is obsessed with Tinkerbell and was over the moon to get a picture with her.
We LOVE you B!

03 September, 2009

Where did the month go? I think I slept through most of it. I can't believe that we have already had sweet August in our house for a month! She has been so much fun and a very good baby. She pretty much has been sleeping through the night since she came home from the hospital and is growing like a weed! It makes me realize how fast it all goes. STOP GROWING little one!

02 September, 2009

... to my low key and boring life lately. I feel like I am so out of reality. Just trying to recover/ get adjusted to 3 kids. Things are really good though and a few simple things have brought a little extra excitement to it all:

TRADER JOES COOKBOOK- This was the best idea! There are some easy and quick recipes that I am looking forward to making. Perfect purchase for the fall!
REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER- It is silly how obsessed I am with this water tank we just got. Clean, perfect water anytime and all the time! No more wasted water bottles to harm our earth. I bought some BPA free canisters for all of us and we are going green!
COLBIE CAILLAT CD- An easy listen and good music for the whole family. I have been playing this at dinner each night. So mellow. So calming.
DARK CHOCOLATE REESE'S PB CUPS- I am a sucker for dark chocolate and especially combined with peanut butter! It almost makes it seem somewhat healthy. It is a must try!