27 July, 2009

First and last Slumber Party!
For several months... Haven had trouble sleeping through the night due to some bad dreams. I knew there needed to be an end to it all before the baby came. The solution was a chart that we made together. Every morning if she slept through the night she would cross off a box. After 4 nights in a row she would get to go for Ice Cream. Add 5 nights on to that for a total of 9 nights she would get a merry go round ride, etc.! After 30 consecutive nights... she chose to get a sleep over. The day finally came... 30 nights! HOORAY! She had two friends over and although they had fun... they didn't do much sleeping! Nor did Bryan and I! I think that we will lay low on slumbers for awhile and maybe forever.

The girls watched a movie with popcorn at night
And in the morning we got breakfast at McDonalds and took it to picnic at the park!
We are PROUD of you Haven. Just make sure you keep it up!!!

22 July, 2009


Thank you Jenny Mason! I think she captured this so nicely. We are so excited to add more PINK to our family hopefully in the next few weeks! Don't be late little baby! My oven is almost broken and your baking will soon need to come to an end!

19 July, 2009

Bryan had a fun idea to have a ward roller skating activity. He managed to get permission to turn our building cultural hall into a skate rink for the night! It turned out to be VERY fun with a DJ, DISCO ball and snack bar! Some people came dressed up in 70's and 80's decades. My girls had the time of their lives. And I think those in attendance did too! I wish I could have put my skates on but this year was not the time for me to do so!

12 July, 2009

More birthday/ Summer time fun!
Bryan's parents took us to El Torito for a yummy dinner to celebrate my 31 day! I indulged in a great fajita salad and topped it off with some flan.
Thanks so much Ted and Glenna!
Aleisha and Mikelle took me to the Nordstrom Cafe for lunch. Why does my life revolve around food?
This past week we also met my friend Julie and her daughter Lily at Balboa Island for a ride on the merry go round, lunch and treats! The weather was beautiful and it was NOT at all crowded! Perfect!
P.S. In the background of this picture is the Balboa Pavilion where Bryan and I had our wedding reception. It was fun to point it out to the girls!

Mini Vaca!
Bryan and I have been having such a nice time spending one on one time with each other! We were able to get away just overnight for a last minute birthday/ babymoon celebration! We got a great deal on The Langham Hotel in Pasadena that will now forever be a favorite of ours. It was gorgeous and the staff was great! We did the things we enjoy the most: laying by the pool, shopping and eating! I think we are refreshed and ready for this baby now.
The outside area at night
It didn't matter that I forgot my toothbrush or Q-tips. This was in our bathroom with everything you could think of and we got to take it all home including the cute leather box!
Of course I found the cupcake shop! Although Bryan was the one who got to eat most of them!
This was in our room when we got home from dinner. WHY is there delicious sugary sweets every where I turn? It's killing me!!!
We had a quiet breakfast!
And headed to the much talked about Rose Bowl Flea market. We had a Rob Lowe sighting, got some great finds and almost died of heat stroke! I had to call it quits only 2 hours into it! You need a whole day to see everything! Unreal!
Bryan with a purchase and cold beverage!
My favorite find. A vintage bracelet from the 1950's for only $5!
This nice worker, Marta befriended the pregnant girl and both days brought me out a surprise treat for the baby. JUNK FOOD everywhere. Not good!

We became friends with another pregnant couple at the pool who were from Long Beach. Erin is due exactly when I am with her first! I am really excited for them! There is nothing cooler than being a first time parent!
On our way out of town, we stopped by the "Father of the Bride" house! The neighborhood was AMAZING! Right out of a magazine. I would not mind living in Pasadena!
It was a great little trip! VERY fun place to get away to! The next few weeks will consist of getting the crib down, baby clothes washed and bags packed. I can hardly believe it!

10 July, 2009

Bryan and I were able to enjoy a nice evening out last night to celebrate the big 31! I hate that I am in my 30's... wish it was still my 20's! Life goes by too fast! We went to dinner at Eva's and then got to see The Pageant of the Masters. We had seats in the very back but with my having to pee every 15 minutes... we talked a nice worker to getting us more bathroom accessible seats. They ended up being front row! It made for a fun birthday treat!

07 July, 2009

A pre-birthday day in L.A.!
Yesterday we headed to The Grove for some shopping followed by a dinner at Ketchup! The girls were excited to go to the American Girl Store! It is really fun to see their faces in that place! My mom got Berkley a doll for her upcoming birthday and gave it to her early. And Haven even got to pick out a new dress for her doll. For dinner... we celebrated Elle's birthday last month and mine this month. It was a great day!