20 February, 2009

David and Miley!
Yesterday David did a guest appearance on "Hannah Montana" so I headed to LA for a day on the set.  It was long but fun to see behind the scenes.  I have never seen the show before but all the people that work there are really great.  I brought Kristi along since I was feeling a little sick and she was wonder woman carrying everything for me.  Thanks Kiks!
This kid Nate was Miley's Prom Date in the episode we were at.  He was so funny and had personality plus!  He asked if he could eat lunch with Kristi and I and then asked to take a picture with us.  I think he had the hots for Kristi.
David and "Blue Steel" Billy Ray Cyrus
Eating a donut on the set.  They had the BEST all you can eat food there the whole day!  It was a dream come true!
Kristi and I on the couch on the set of Hannah Montana's house

16 February, 2009

Valentines and such...

Haven's preschool show
She gave me "herself" for a V-day present.  It was very cute!
Bryan and I were lucky enough to get out for Valentines.  We were able to go to the Temple and then grab a quick dinner.
After dinner we saw "He's just not that into you" and I don't think I was that into the movie or else just tired.  I fell asleep. Past my bedtime these days!
Sunday the girls were able to wear their cute Valentines dresses my mom got them.
We got a call from Bryan's boss that he didn't have to come into work on monday so after church we last minute headed out to Palm Springs for just 24 hours.
We ate at our favorite BBQ place
And met up with Amanda and Lindsay
All the kids excited to be together
Berkley got into someone's lipstick
The rest of the time we just lounged by the fire
Picked and ate some fresh grapefruit
And ate breakfast at Rubys!

I guess I am feeling a little better.  I am actually out and about again....

13 February, 2009


07 February, 2009

Lots of rain and sickness!
We have had rain the past 3 days and I am kind of liking it.  It has been nice to stay indoors in my sweats and be a bum (what am I talking about... that has been my life for the past 2 months)!  This morning the girls woke up and asked what we were going to be doing today.  We usually are outdoors on the weekends but not today.  I ended up finding a bunch of construction paper, stickers and glitter around the house.  So we brought the room heater out to the garage, blasted the High School Musical CD and made Valentines!  They had fun!

The bummer is... they both had fevers this afternoon!  I feel so bad when they are sick.  I guess that means we will be spending many more days lazy indoors in our sweats.  Fine by me!

03 February, 2009

SO... I was thinking for Christmas 2009:

Haven could wear this!
Berkley can wear this!
And baby girl #3 can wear this!
I did an early ultrasound yesterday and today and both were pretty clear... IT'S ANOTHER GIRL!