27 September, 2011

The Devil in Disguise

This picture speaks a thousand words. Luckily one of them isn't actually the F word. This was by complete accident but I may be tempted to put it in her wedding video. This girl has given us a run for our money lately. How do you parent a kid who doesn't care about anything? If you know... please advise. QUICK!

D-land with Maeve

My dearest room mate from College came down last week for a California visit. I met up with her and her hubby and two kids at Disneyland. It was so fun to just take August. We had the best time.

Tall Ship Festival

Our saturday mornings go a little something like this: Bryan is the BEST and lets me sleep in a little while he takes the girls to donuts or bagels. They dress themselves in whatever they want and do their own hair. On occasion I don't like to miss out on the fun and join in. It usually is a last minute decision where Bryan yells up to me "last call... the car is leaving" to which I quickly roll out of bed, throw a sweatshirt on over my pajama bottoms and run downstairs. This particular saturday we went to our favorite spot "The bagel shack" and then decided to check out the Tall Ships festival. Boy were we entertained. We had never seen SO many real pirates?

Rider's Club

In our opinion... one of the BEST burgers in all of California! Rider's Club in San Clemente. We have been frequenting this spot once a week or so. And Joe Packer has been too.

Let's go fly a kite!

A few weeks ago we went with Denisons and Packers to Salt Creek Beach to fly kites for FHE! It was a chilly night but lots of fun. Haven and Berkley were able to get the kite going on their own. And some other little person was more interested in her chick-fil-a nuggets with honey mustard sauce!


Perfect FREE parking spot (which is a miracle in downtown LA), Cotton Candy, Kettle Korn, Free Cardinal and Gold pom poms, amazing weather, August Thacker-less, a close victory over Utah, The marching band's BRILLIANT half time show to 6 of today's top 20 songs including J.Lo, Usher, LMFAO = the most fun football game!!!

School Days!

The girls were SO excited to start school. But I may have been more excited! I LOVE the first day of school. I LOVED it as a kid! So much fun seeing who your teacher is and what friends are in your class! The day before we went to Sprinkles and picked out cupcakes to bring as a first day Teacher gift. I learned from my mom that a little brown nosing never hurt anyone. :) These girls could not be happier about the teachers they got and who is in their class. I have loved getting back into a daily schedule. It just works for us.

25 September, 2011

I went to Utah over labor day for a styling job I had with Lime Ricki bathing suits. I was really stressed out but it ended up going great and was one of the most fun shoots I have ever done. Got to work with the talented Matt Clayton and some freaking gorgeous models! I talked David into flying up with me so it was SO nice to have him next to me on the flight (since I am such a chicken). It was also nice to spend time with his family and some of my family and friends. A really busy and packed weekend. I missed Bryan and the girls tons. As always it was amazing to come home. I hate being away from my little fam.


The Hemeons are gone. :( We all said goodbye to them at a fun bowling bash! LUCKY STRIKE is one of my favorite places and it was a blast! Bryan will miss his surfing buddy Marc lots. And we will miss beach days, dinners and date nights as families. We can't wait to welcome them back in a few years!

Berkley turns 5!

We had SO much fun celebrating this little sassy pant's birthday! On the actual day we had a present hunt (family tradition), donuts, park, trolley ride in Laguna and banzai bowl! A few days later she celebrated with friends at "The Sweet Spot" in the Spectrum where they decorated cupcakes, rode the train and had games. I think her favorite gift was a pair of cowboy boots from Grandma and Grandpa Thacker. She says she wants to be a cowgirl and takes after her dad with the LOVE of country music. We love you little B!