27 March, 2011

Sometimes date nights are just what the Doctor ordered!

Tulip Time!

Spring has Sprung! Yeah right... who are we kidding? The weather has been so bizarre here. Some days beautiful and warm and others cold and gloomy! Despite everything our tulips came up this year and we were able to enjoy them for a good 3-4 weeks! They were so beautiful and it is so fun to see all of them in front of the tulip lady's houses! We had our celebratory dinner which always lasts about 4 hours too long and 400 laughs too many. Last year's crown went to Nadine and I with a 1st place tie. This year we passed the crown to Patti! I love this tradition that I get to look forward to every spring!

26 March, 2011


Unbelievable experience going to Nascar. David nailed the National Anthem! Being the "Pace Car" for the race was a once in a lifetime. I was a little scared going around that slanted track over 100 miles an hour but what a rush! Such a fantastic and memorable day for Bryan and I. Only wish it could have been a little warmer.

25 March, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

We had the most amazing day with our two older girls! It started in the garment district shopping for dresses for all 3 girls to wear to my sister in laws wedding. No LUCK! I was so disappointed. After we headed to eat at Toast and stopped by Magnolia Bakery for some banana pudding! The BEST! With our tummy's full we headed to see Beauty and the Beast at the historic Pantages theatre in Hollywood! There is something so magical about seeing the excitement in your children's eyes with these fun experiences. It was a night we will all always remember.

20 March, 2011

Cookie Baby

I love that you...
call yourself "cookie baby"*put your head on my shoulder and pat my back every time I hold you*dance anytime you hear music*love to color and draw*sleep through the night no matter what*are a mommy's girl*run errands with me and always seem happy about it*fold your arms for prayers*get a thrill from going down slides by yourself*have almond shaped eyes*put up with Berkley*enjoy eating broccoli
I don't really love...
your obsession with ruining my makeup*climbing onto anything and everything*running away from me to be funny*that silliest hair right now because your stupid mom shaved it last year*your attitude when going down for naps now*your tantrums when not getting your way*THAT YOU ARE GETTING TO BE SO BIG!!!
Cookie Baby is a perfect name for you because everyday I would love to take a bite of you! You are a scrumptious ball of joy!

St. Patty's Day!

Love my three little "Lucky Charms"!

Some recent obsessions

Being creative in my own closet
A middle of the day pick me up!
A fun and easy activity for me and the girls!
The most flavorful and crunchiest afternoon snack!
This dip with Pita Chips or Veggies!
Some amazing and brilliant music!
Some protection for my light and brittle hair!
Major help to mask some of my "getting older" appearances!
A must have for my lips which also doubles as a must have for August's bum!

Welcome Back!

Having a lake behind our house has some perks. One of which is an annual visit each year from ducks. Usually around the start of Spring. Yesterday morning I looked out the window to see them roaming the neighborhood. I quickly called for the girls and they quickly grabbed for a loaf of bread. They entertained us for a good 1/2 hour. That is... until Patti came out and said that her friend who was an eye surgeon said the number one reason for kid's coming in was for ducks pecking at little one's eyes! I quickly got all my ducks in a row and told them our feathered friends were full and needed to get back to the water.

19 March, 2011

Sea World

Berkley had her pre-school field trip at Sea World a few weeks ago. We were lucky enough to have Bryan join us and made it a family outing. It was the coldest we have been all year and the rain was on and off the whole time. The kids still loved it of course and that made for a successful day! On the way home we stopped for hot chocolate to warm up and end a perfect time together!