29 June, 2008

My parents sent Bryan and I to San Francisco to celebrate both of our 30th Birthdays!  So we left these two girlies to play with their dolls...

...while we woke up at 5:30 a.m. saturday morning to hop on a plane!!!
I HATE to fly and always need to talk to the Pilots when I first board the plane to see if they seem like trustworthy guys...  These two passed with flying colors!  I just really need to take my Xanax or Valium next time like I usually do.  It makes a difference... Bryan can attest!
On the plane we met up with a couple who was on their way to GAY PRIDE week which took place this weekend!  We had no idea and boy was it colorful in town.  These girls knew a lot about the city and directed us from the airport to the Bart which we took into the city.
I wasn't expecting the weather to be a high of only 64 degrees so after a quick clothing change... we were off like two little lovebirds!
I had to stop and warm up with some hot chocolate!!!
And then not long after, Bryan needed to fuel up with some delicious food!
Got to meet Perez Hilton at a meet and greet he was in San Fran for...
and then on to LOTS of fun shopping!
While in Macy's... we saw these two "guys" dressed up like "girls" and when I said to them, "Hey guys... can I get your picture?"  They replied "We are NOT guys!"  Ummm OK!  They were so interesting.
That night we were able to meet up with one of my funnest friend from Ricks named Denae (aka D-dawg) and her husband Dave.  We ate at a YUMMY Italian Restaurant called Scala!  While there we noticed some interesting people sitting at the next table over.
We could NOT stop staring and couldn't believe our eyes!  Was this for REAL?  It was two twin old ladies with oodles of makeup and silly hats dressed the exact same!  We had to find out their story and talk to them.  Their names are The Brown Twins and they are well known in San Fran.  They even had a plaque above the table they were sitting at with their name on it along with 7:00 pm saturday night!  I guess they go there every saturday night for dinner!  They were sure something else!  When we asked them to take a picture they said "SURE!  But not before we put some more lipstick and blush on!"  And away they went with their mirrors while we sat and waited for them to be ready for the photo!  They told us that they each have over 100 hats!  

We then decided to head up the street to a fun diner and have some ice cream sundaes for dessert!  
It was so fun to see Denae and Dave!

The next morning we woke up and walked down to Fisherman's Wharf for breakfast!  We walked through Nob Hill and North Shore.
And even stopped in Chinatown to pick up some cheap souvenirs for the kids!
Bryan got some hot chocolate and found himself a comfy spot on the street!
We walked around for awhile...
and made a stop at Pier 39!
We finally made it to brunch at a great place on the water called "Butterfly" where Bryan got his signature virgin bloody mary!
We did some more shopping after and found ourselves in the heart of the Pride Parade.  I won't go into detail about some of the horrific things I saw but let's just say I cried a little.
Everything was just very in your face and it is sad that our world has to be like this now.  We did have fun though.  Of course being together alone was so wonderful!

Bryan was a gentleman and carried both of our bags all the way through town, on the Bart and to the airport!
I ended the trip with some creamy Ice Cream at the airport from Fentons!
While Bryan ended the trip with a lost IPhone and nice Pilot who tried to help him by going back on the plane to find it.... NO LUCK though!!!
It was quick!  It was fun!  We are sure glad to be back together as a family now.  I really MISS when I am away from my kids!

27 June, 2008

Flashback Friday!



25 June, 2008

Alright Alright!

After a long lecture from Bryan tonight about how a dog and I don't mix right now... I get the point that he will not give in to this anytime soon.  What he kept saying over and over was that I can't even keep our plants and flowers alive, how am I supposed to keep a dog alive?  So sad for me.  Maybe he is just trying to throw me off?  So- here is a realistic list for you Bryan.  Feel free to purchase any or all (kidding) of these items.  And if any of you feel that I have missed something that would be a good gift for my 30th... please do advise!

Tickets to John Mayer...
or Fergie!
The new Iphone!

Maybe I could try for one of these again since they were sold out at Christmas!
A shopping spree
A Facial
A Massage
Some Sprinkles cupcakes!
The following Nordstrom items...

A surprise party might be fun!
And would it be possible to have a meet and greet with my favorite celeb, Will Ferrell?
In all honesty, Bryan always treats me so nice.  So, whatever he gets me or does will be just perfect I'm sure...

Hint Hint to Bryan...

What I REALLY want for my 3-0 Birthday!

22 June, 2008

The Summer is here... and so is Elle!

My little brother and his fiance came down this weekend.  We had a great time and not only is she DARLING but super NICE too!  It was a HOT weekend and we had hoped for better weather for their stay.  It was fun anyway.  They started off the weekend with a day at Disneyland and then we went to the beach, dinner, date night and to our grandparents with them.  It was FUN!

Beach day!

Dinner at Javiers!  Haven LOVED the chips as you can see...

Later that night we met up with Andrew and Elle for some ice cream.  We ended up checking out this new candy store right by my house (I'm in trouble) called "Powell's sweet shop"!  They had sooooo much inventory!  I have never seen that much candy in one place.  I think you could find ANYTHING you were looking for!  It was great!

They also have homemade gelato!

See these candy pills?  I will be needing them in about 2 weeks when I turn 30!!!  Ahhh!

Elle with her new nieces at grandma and grandpa Garlocks!