30 May, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Andrew and Katie in town. Meeting Baby Isla. Baby Ford blessing. Javiers with family, David and Sergio. Lots of Rite Aid Ice Cream. Dance Parties. 2 beautiful beach days. Orange County Swap Meet. Spectrum. Ciao Pasta. Three Arch Park luncheon. Brownies and Ice Cream at Denisons. Memorial Day Sales. Ichibiri.

Finale 2011

This night goes down in history as one of the most fun nights ever. Everything was completely last minute and unexpected. The night just kept getting better and better. It all started with me not having a seat but being told I could probably get one by or around David. I didn't find that out until 10:30 that morning. I scrambled to get ready (shout out to Kiks for doing my hair and makeup) and picked up David and Sergio in LA. After a slight detour to buy me a clutch (since I forgot a purse) and also a Rite Aid Ice Cream run we ended up at The Nokia center. I had credentials when I got there but still no seat. I shared a bathroom with Jennifer Love Hewitt and literally bumped into Gordon Ramsey backstage.

Then onto the red carpet where David did some pics and interviews. A few friends were there waiting earlier to hopefully get tickets via their internet request. They were bummed to have not gotten there early enough. 30 minutes before showtime I got a text to come pick up my tickets (plural). I thought I was only gonna get one seat if that even happened. I went to go meet Boschetti and he apologized and said he only had two left and they were up high in his box. I was very grateful for anything and just excited to be in the finale. I texted my friends and told them I had one extra ticket (which was very hard) and they decided to have Jen come in with me. I helped them try to hunt down a few more seats and no luck! I told them to hang tight and have dinner somewhere around and that I may be able to get 4 tickets to the Fox after party. 3 minutes before the show we get escorted to our seats. However, they were not in the box. They were smack dab behind the judges. I was confused but didn't have time to think as they yelled "45 seconds until show!" Just then Boschetti looks at me and says "What are you doing? Those are the security seats. My seats!" And then he comes over to see that he gave me the wrong ones and can't find the box tickets now. He quickly has someone seat us in any two available seats which were over in a distant dark corner. We could barely see but didn't care. We were just excited! The show starts. At the first commercial break, the guy who escorted us to those seats comes to see us and says "Summer, you two need to follow me." The next thing we know we are sitting in amazing seats. Not was it until 1/2 later I realized that we were sitting behind Scotty's family. I can't even explain the excitement in the room that night. The performances were magical and Beyonce and J.Lo were stunningly perfect! I was nervous because I knew at the end if Scotty won we could end up on camera and I get nervous. I tend to have a deer in headlight look. And that I did.

The night proceeded with run in's with Jack Black, Steven Tyler, Lil John, Bono and J.Lo! It was surreal. We were able to attend the Fox after party followed by going to see David perform at a KIIS FM afterparty followed by the exclusive party at the W hotel in Hollywood.
I drank my first energy drink that night knowing I would be driving home alone late. It certainly worked and I am still paying for it days later. Getting home at 2:30 am and not being able to fall asleep until 3:30 am with a 6:30 am wake up call to get kids to school did me in! I have realized that I am getting old and my body needs LOTS of rest now! But looking back I would of course not changed a thing! Long live Idol 2011!

29 May, 2011

Fun Saturday

Last saturday we had a great time with the Packers. Orange Balloon Park, Baja Fish Taco, Rite Aid Ice Cream Cones, St. Edwards Carnival. We bagged cleaning our garage and doing chores and it was well worth it!

MaryEllen turns 40!

I LOVE and ADORE all these moms from Laguna Niguel Elementary School! What a FUN night we all had together!

Zoomars petting zoo

Berkley had her annual field trip to Zoomars. It is one of my favorite places and I think my girls would agree! The mini petting zoo with bunnies and guinea pigs is the best! The weather was perfect that day and I think August was glad she got to tag along. I will miss these little field trips next year with no one in preschool. My girls have been going to Mrs. Shirley for 5 years straight. Next year will be a year break before August starts and I'm super sad about it.