30 March, 2009

Our wonderful weekend!
We had such a busy yet fun weekend.  We were able to fly up to Salt Lake and enjoy a weekend in the freezing cold.  I don't know how I did it but was calm as ever on our flights.  Even with out taking anything.  And let me tell you... our flight there was pretty rough!  I wore my superwomen shirt to inspire myself that I could do it!
We when arrived we went straight to Temple Square and met up with David, his band and his family.  There we were greeted by M. Russell Ballard and Quentin E. Cook of the twelve apostles.  Being in their presence and hearing their testimonies of the Gospel was a neat experience.  From there we had a special tour around the Temple Grounds and watched the movie "Legacy".

After that we had a delicious dinner in the Ambassador Room of the Joseph Smith memorial building.  
After dinner we knew that David would be surprising the Mormon Tabernacle choir and singing for them at their thursday night rehearsal...
... little did we know that we would be invited to sing with them too!!!
I was horrible but I think Bryan really got into it!  It was the coolest thing!
Friday I had to help David get ready for his UK and Asia tour most of the day but was able to sneak away for a bit to meet up with Andrew and Elle.  We did some shopping at The Gateway and ate a late lunch!
We were lucky enough to be there the weekend of our dear friends Maeve and Brad's little guys Mile's 1st birthday!
I love my Maevis and her new place is fabulous!  They have done an amazing job remodeling it to look like it is out of a modern magazine!

For dinner... they had homemade Cafe Rio salads that tasted just like if you were at the restaurant!
We left the party to head to David's concert at the E Center!  And when I pulled up to the red light... we saw this in front of us!  You know you are in Utah when... you are in traffic behind a tractor!
I LOVED that Bryan was able to see David in concert.  I think he was really impressed with how comfortable he looked up on stage and how he sang his heart out!!!
After the show we went back stage and told David what a great job he did!
After a QUICK 36 hour trip... we flew home saturday and I was able to bring Haven to the Kid's Choice Awards!  She had to come up early to dress David with me.  She adores him!  P.S. This is not what he wore.  This was one of the choices but not what we chose and good thing.  One of those twin boys from Zack and Cody wore this same shirt!
She also adored Nicole Boschetti who we went with!
My favorite movie in college was Rush Hour and Chris Tucker was a favorite comedian/ actor of mine!
Lisa Rinna was a twig with LARGE and in charge lips!
Haven, Nicole and I!
Haven loved Heidi and Hannah (two of the girls we met up with)!
Nic and Haven
Brooke Burke with her hubby and kids.  Can't remember his name but he is not bad on the eyes!
Ashley Tisdale
After the show on the Nickelodeon "orange" carpet!
I love wonderful memories like these!

22 March, 2009

Weekend in Review~ We had a great weekend!  Here are some of the things we were able to enjoy!

A friend's First day of Spring Tea Party!

Date night with the Bunkers
A Sprinkles Run!
Lunch at TK Burger!

Frelly's birthday party at Little Gym

Cousin Scotty's mission farewell to Idaho with a potato theme luncheon!

A potato derby was part of the celebration!

My uncle works for Volvo and let my dad test drive the new X60 that stops on its own!  It is so cool!
Making S'mores in the backyard!  This is what I look like everyday for all my neighbors.  It is called my pregnancy brown snuggie and although I look silly... I don't care!  It is pure comfort.

Now- back to the weekly grind!

18 March, 2009

St. Patrick's Night!
I went up to style David for his Southern California show.  It was really fun and he was AMAZING in concert!  Honestly, like a music prodigy!  The way he sings and plays the piano is unreal!  

David and his sweet aunt got me a cute little onesie for the baby that says "Lucky" on it.  David told me he got it because the baby is lucky to have me for a mom.  I told him that he hasn't seen me angry with my kids behind closed doors  :)!!
One of David's managers Josh. 
David still is really close with Jason Castro.  He came to the concert too and was mobbed by girls.  He just got signed by Atlantic records and is doing well.  He and his girlfriend were a pleasure to talk with.  
This Kristen girl who was kicked off this new season of Idol came and was cute.  
Hanging in the back after the show.  It was a great night!  Thanks to Megan for coming up with me and giving him a killer haircut before the show.  He loves your shaping Meg!
It was great to see David again.  He has been on tour and will continue to be for the next 2 months.  He leaves for Europe and Asia in a few weeks.  His album has almost gone platinum and his record label Jive is projecting BIG things for his future.  He is slowly and steadily getting bigger.  And I have yet to see it go to his head.  This kid is beyond humble and is a joy to be around.