31 March, 2010


Wow! We were all BLOWN away tonight by the OCMCO performance! Brett Stewart is a musical GENIUS! He composed a complete oratorio to 3rd Nephi where Christ appears to America. It was like a modern day Handels Messiah. I'm extra emotional right now with hormones shifting so my eyes were not dry the whole time. It was a very moving night. The Spirit was felt very strong! We are SO proud of Haven and LOVED hearing her sing in the Sunbeam Choir for tonight's show! Way to go Haven! Way to go Brett for creating such an amazing organization!

28 March, 2010

The Tulip Ladies

Saturday night we ended Tulip season with a wonderful dinner. Carla was the host and did an amazing job. We had appetizers and drinks (mine sparkling cranberry) in her garden followed by a homemade dinner. We dined on Tomato soup with herbs fresh from her yard and croutons made from scratch. SO yummy! She made a fresh chicken salad and finished it off with cupcakes from Rockwells. She was so darling and had "Tulip" dishtowels on each of our seats as a gift. The fun started at 6:30 and didn't end until after 11:00. We have the best talks when we all get together. We laugh at recent funny stories. We talk and argue about politics. These ladies are all democrats and I am the only republican. Because of this... we joke how we are like "The View". I love my neighborhood due to people like this. I adore how we can agree to disagree and none of us care. They are the best and just real genuine gals!

Beach days

This is our favorite thing to do. I am so GLAD the weather is finally warming up and we can go enjoy the beautiful ocean for the next 6 months. Nothing is better than hearing the waves crash, building sandcastles, hunting for sea shells, challenging friends to bocce ball games and playing in the water. I can already tell that it's not going to be as easy this year with a crawling baby... but we'll manage.

26 March, 2010

Chords of Strength

I spent the morning with David and hadn't seen him in a long time. It was good to catch up. Still an amazing kid with lots of talent. I am interested to see where his career goes and I look forward to reading his new book. It comes out June 1. As I look at him on this book cover I don't see a young boy anymore. He has really grown up. When we shot the picture for this... August had to come with me and was only 11 weeks old. She is already 8 months next week! How time flies.

25 March, 2010

Stay at home mom

Some days are hard. Many days I lose my patience. But I feel SO blessed to be a stay at home mom and watch these girls grow up. I wouldn't miss it for the world. These moments are precious to me. These children bring eternal joy to our home each and every day! I hope to raise them with strong morals. I want to help them achieve their best potential. I want them to want to be good. But most important, I need them to know that they are Daughters of God.

23 March, 2010

A new little miracle

Dearest Aleisha and her husband Patrick have been trying for many years to start a family. They are such wonderful, nurturing people. I prayed many nights for them to have a baby come into their lives. Back when we had a favorite things GNO... there was a special announcement made. A green candy cigar with a date on it was handed to each of us. It was an announcement that a birth mom had chosen them to be mommy and daddy to a baby boy! It was so exciting! We cried, screamed, cried, screamed and couldn't believe it.
This was certainly all of our "favorite things" that night!
On St. Patrick's Day Aleisha and Patrick were able to witness the birth of their new son!
Today I got to meet this cute little guy that we have all been so ecstatic to see! He is here! Everyone is so grateful! And he is precious. A true gift from God.

And just 4 days after Houston was born... his cousin came!

Nice Work Patrick Bourne Fam and Dave Bourne Fam! They are both beauties!

20 March, 2010

First day of Spring!

The birds are chirping, flowers blooming and the sun shining longer. Welcome Spring! What did we do today? We enjoyed the gorgeous weather by taking Gussie Girl to the beach for her first time! She did great and loved every minute of it. Which is a good thing since the next five months will consist of many trips there. We ended with Ice Cream. Mmmmm... a perfect day!

Remember Me

Last week Annie took me to see "Remember Me". She is in LOVE with Robert Pattinson. I have only seen him when I watched half of Twilight. To be honest... I wasn't that excited about seeing it. Only because I have not seen any worth while movies lately. I have actually only seen about 3 or 4 movies in the past year. However, this movie surprised me and was SO good! We both loved it!
We loved it so much that we brought our hubbies back to see it for date night last night! And guess what? They liked it too!

Go see it!