28 January, 2009


This morning I was NOT sleeping just simply trying to do Haven's hair for school.  This trail led from the pantry to the TV room.  
Not Pictured: The Carpet

25 January, 2009

Haven's Birthday Party!
Saturday morning we had a little pajama breakfast party to celebrate Haven's 5th Birthday.  We cleared out our garage and set some tables up.  
We had kid friendly sugar cereal with bananas and juice
We played some fun games
And sang to Haven with blueberry muffins with whipped cream instead of cupcakes
Haven opened some fun presents
Hugged and Thanked her mom
Of course this one got into the nail polish and attacked her face
We ended with party favors of bubbles and chinese food boxes with more cereal for the kids to take home...
... that said this.  We had a great time!  And I did the whole party for $50!

23 January, 2009

not pictured: the floor

Did I mention I had cleaners for the first time in three months finally come yesterday?

21 January, 2009

I can't believe that 5 years ago today, this little girl made me a mother.  Every minute of her has been complete joy and I adore her more than she will ever know!  It makes me sad when I realize how fast the time went by but I look forward to many more special moments with Haven in the future!

Bryan was nice enough to wrap Haven's gifts last night when I wasn't feeling good.  With the left over wrapping... he got creative and made this on the door.
The first thing she wanted when she woke up was lipgloss, a necklace, her hair curled and to wear my shoes.  

She opened a new dress for her Birthday that she wore proudly to school.  It was so gaggy but I knew she would love it.  Thank you $3.74 price tag at Target.  Here she is showing us her age today.
Bryan came home from work early and took her to Disneyland for a couple hours.  
Since we already have annual passes and they are doing the "get in free on your birthday" deal for 2009... they gave Haven a gift card for $60 (the price of a ticket) to use on merchandise.  She and Bryan had fun picking some things out as you can see from their bags.
She opened a few more gifts at Ruby's for dinner.

And had a great overall day!

I have a feeling we will be seeing this dress a lot over the next year.  Thanks Disneyland for Haven's new Snow White dress!

17 January, 2009

Feeling better...
I started my Thyroid medicine on tuesday and I must say that I am feeling SO much better.  I still have been nauseous but my energy seems to be back.  I felt so not myself for those several weeks that it is great to feel normal.  Friday I was able to get dressed, throw on some makeup for the first time in a awhile and head to the Burbank Disney Studios for a photo shoot with David.  It was nice to get out!  

14 January, 2009

My OB called with some blood work results that said I have:
*Low Potassium
*Low Iron
*Low Blood Pressure
*A Hypoactive Thyroid!  Has anyone had this during pregnancy?  I have to take medicine daily.  My doctor said that my body is working almost double what most normal pregnant people's work to keep the baby thriving.  This explains SO much of why I have been feeling so crummy.  I have had ZERO energy and all I want to do is sleep.  If you have any knowledge or experience with a thyroid during pregnancy... I would love to hear.  Thanks!

10 January, 2009

WWW= Wonderful weekend weather!
Although I have not gotten out of my pajamas/ sweats nor have put makeup on in the past four weeks and don't plan to for another 3-7 weeks... I found a few activities today that I could relax and enjoy.  Being in my own house at this point makes me nauseous so being outside was great and helped me to feel a bit better.  
The morning started with a neighbor tulip fest.  Six of us houses that are in the curve of our street all planted tulips at 10:00 am this morning and plan on them all blooming at the same time.  
The girls had fun helping Patti
Then with some shame, I joined these ladies in my sweats and no makeup for a lunch to end the tulip planting at the home of Carla.  She served us on her China and made wonderful Canelloni, salad, bread and chocolate ice cream with raspberries.  
We then made it down to the beach for a couple hours where it was beautiful and the girls had a great time playing in the sand and water.  
Berkley got a little bob haircut and I think it looks so cute.  Bryan thinks she looks like a boy and preferred her mullet.  I don't get it.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be even warmer... so strange for January but I will take it!  If I could only plan for good weather on Haven's birthday next week... she might actually be able to have a beach party for once in her life.

07 January, 2009

Poor Health Care...
I blogged in December how my grandpa fell down while at a family play in LA and broke his hip.  He received a surgery where they placed pins in his hips and he was moved to a nursing facility where he was the do therapy and get himself strong.  We are all disappointed and shocked at how neglected he was there.  
My grandpa kept complaining (and he is a fighter) that he did not feel well and that it was hard for him to do his exercises each day.  He complained that his knee was starting to hurt.  He was losing color and not wanting to eat very much.  My grandma had some concerns and talked to the nurses where they would say "he's fine".  They pretty much just fed him three meals a day and took his vitals every now and then.  He was not even up to date with the amounts of therapy he was supposed to have.  
On sunday, my dad went in and could see he looked weak and unhealthy.  He scooped up Grandpa and put him in the car and took him to the Emergency room (something my grandma has requested already and the nursing home had not done).  There, they were able to look at his body and see that there was bruising and blood settled all around.  They ran some tests and found that his hip had a crack in it and he was internally bleeding.  2 more pints of blood loss and he would not have made it.  His blood count was SO low and he had to receive a blood transfusion.  
This afternoon, grandpa will go in for another surgery where they will put in a hip replacement.  It really bums me out that he had to take a HUGE step backwards and that it possibly could have been prevented had he been given proper care.  I don't even want to know what happens to the people in the nursing facility that don't have relatives around looking out for them.  Let this be our lesson to go with our gut instincts if we feel like our loved ones or ourselves are not getting proper attention in a health situation.  
I am grateful he is OK and that this was caught in time.  I hope this hip will be better for him and that he can recover quickly and with out pain this time.  

05 January, 2009

They are really under-rated!  I am always wanting a better variety. I'm sick of my only three decent options: IN-N-OUT, Taco Bell or Arbys.  One day I would LOVE one of these by my house...
What do you dream of as a drive thru?

02 January, 2009

What will 2009 bring us... A baby BOY or baby GIRL?
Now excuse me while I go stuff my face with more salty, gross crackers.
Due to arrive: 8-13-09