30 September, 2008

Me on a plane

Thank you Tristen for not trying to comfort me flying to and from Phoenix.  Thank you for laughing and taking pictures instead.  And Thank you nice men for letting me hold your arms and flight attendant for trying to calm me down.
* I will not be flying again for awhile

29 September, 2008

Why? Because it rained for the first time this season!

I loved wearing boots and a sweater while meeting a friend for breakfast (Hot Cocoa included of course!)
And Haven and Kaili were very excited to wear their rain boots!!!

28 September, 2008

Thursday and Friday I went to work the American Idol Auditions in Scottsdale.  It was a really quick trip.  We flew in wednesday night late and out friday after the day was over.  I LOVED seeing how everything worked behind the scenes.  It is pretty crazy!  Paula, Randy, Simon, Kara (the new judge) and Ryan were all very nice.  It was really great and such a fun experience!

We also got to go to a Phoenix Suns party that was for the Grand Opening of our hotel "The W"!
Our "Dawg"!
"Bliss" day spa had a free hand massage booth.
Friday morning we had to go to the Grocery store to get the judges some of their snack foods and drinks.
Randy's drink preference!
Paula likes the blue Jolly Ranchers seperated from the rest.  She also likes a pink straw so her lipstick does not show.
Ryan is a FIJI water guy!
And they allowed Simon to smoke his "Kool" brand cigarettes inside the room.

Seacrest... out!

I like Ryan

22 September, 2008

Poor Gordon.  Haven was SO proud of what she had done!  And this sweet dog puts up with it all.  That's why I love him.

21 September, 2008


I really can't believe that it is the end of September!  How did that happen so quick?  It seems like the older I get... the faster the time goes.  Here are some more reasons that I am excited for Fall this year!

Family walks in the brisk air with Fall leaves!
Warm Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
New Fall TV show "Kath and Kim"!  I am a HUGE Molly Shannon fan from her Saturday Night Live days!
Seeing this funny cast member on Saturday Night Live each week!  She is my favorite!
This show's new season to start up!
A yummy Pot Roast!
And selfishly I can't wait for day light savings so that Bryan will not be able to surf after work and spend more time with the family!
Hip Hip Hooray!  The FALL season is here!!!

18 September, 2008

Cruisin' in Pop's old car!
My dad is an old car guy.  He loves them.  This is his newest addition... a 51 buick.  Last night he came over to show the girls and take them for a cruise before bed.  They loved it and Haven told him "Hey Poppy, next time you come over... make sure you bring that car again!"  It is quite fun for them.
Berkley getting ready to get in with her nightie on.
Of course Kitty had to come with Haven!
And... they're off.....
...back already?  

17 September, 2008


... The wives will play!!!  Bryan and Amanda's husband Anthony left to Chicago on a work trip for a few days so on monday night... we had our own little family night and slumber.

It started off with some mini bean and cheese burritos from Las Colondrinas!  They are the BEST!  
Of course we had to head up to SPRINKLES for our favorite treat... cupcakes!
This one loved them!
We kept hearing about Bristol Farms cupcakes and how they are so much better than Sprinkles so Amanda pulled over and bought some!
They looked so beautiful and almost too pretty to eat!  We couldn't wait to taste them.
Amanda took a bite and looked disgusted!
I only needed one lick of what smelled like cardboard to know it was nasty!
As the night went on... Amanda had a little too much sugar.  She thought it would be funny to throw the gross cupcakes at my car.
Good hits... I knew I would be headed straight to the car wash in the morning!  Thanks a lot Mo!  I will get you back one day my friend...
Wasted cupcakes!  There are starving kids in Africa Amanda!
When we got home... we put the kids to bed.  But not with out a HUGE book that Amanda made me read the kids.  I could barely hold it up and the pages were hard to turn.
Clean and ready for bed!
Cute friends excited to slumber!
5 kids made us pooped....

16 September, 2008

I love Coffee Bean's ice blended drinks.  Their pure line doesn't have any coffee in it... just flavored powders blended with milk and ice. I almost always get the pure chocolate which is basically a frozen hot chocolate!  It is so YUMMY!  The other day I went in to get one and saw this pumpkin ad.  I asked them if they could make me a pure pumpkin.  They said of course! It was SO good and I will be going back for more this fall.  If you do try one... let me know what you think.  

14 September, 2008

Haven's big week!
It started off with her first sharing time of the year! She was excited and wanted to show her class that she got a dog over the summer. I brought Gordon in and let her talk about him and then the kids were able to ask Haven questions. It was really cute and she was very happy that she was able to do this.

Last saturday should have been Haven's first soccer game but since we were in Palm Springs, today was her first. Before going we went to buy her all the goods: cleats, shin guards and a size 3 ball!

I was the crazy person yelling on the sidelines that if she scored a goal she could have anything she wants! OK- not really. I think it was just Ice Cream but I got a little too into it. I think I LOVED playing soccer so much I wanted to be out there myself and score a goal and since I couldn't... I needed Haven to do it for me. Maybe just one goal this season.

I love that Cate is on her team because they have completely different schedules this year and it is nice that they can be together every saturday for the next couple months.
After her game, Bryan wanted to head down to the harbor to see Marc paddle board (it is Bryan and his friend's new favorite thing to do). Haven wanted to get out and see Kaili and Maren and the next thing we knew... she was playing in the sand and water in her uniform! Oh well.
Ms. Shaggy bangs wanted to get down and dirty too!  And that made for another wet outfit to bring home.
I then decided to take a little paddle ride around the harbor fully clothed. Good thing the board didn't tip or that would have made for 3 wet outfits to bring home!!!
Haven's night ended with a USC game her daddy took her to. She was really excited! I was really jealous!
Of course they creamed Ohio state which puts them right in as the #1 team in the country!!! Go Trojans!!!