25 April, 2011

Easter Weekend

This year both Bryan and I's parents were out of town. It was weird having them gone but we decided to live it up and party all weekend anyway. We had a fun time with friends and our own little family.
Coyote Grill with Keli and Derek*Three Arch Bay egg hunt*Sprinkles Cupcakes*TK Burgers*South Coast Plaza Bunny Go Round again*Beach*La Sirena*Rite Aid Ice Cream Cones*Filling Easter Baskets*Dying Eggs*Swedish Pancakes for Easter Morning Breakfast*Church*Feeding the ducks at the lake*Easter Dinner at our house with Packers, David and Serg*Dessert with Tim and Nic*

21 April, 2011

My little Easter Bunny

My flight came in just in time to make it for Berkley's Easter Program at school! She was SO excited to see me and I was even more excited to see her. Her whole class came out hopping like Bunny's around the yard. When she first saw me she smiled and kept hopping and said "I love you mommy"! It melted me.

20 April, 2011


Bad news~ We forgot to get pledges for Haven's laps!
Good news~ I don't think she realized!


What a trip!!! Back when I was in labor with August my sister called and asked if she could come in and be in my delivery. I told her that she could if I could be in one of hers. She hesitated and then agreed. 20 minutes later she was at the hospital to witness the birth. Little did I know at the time that they had possible plans to move to CHINA! Very tough and long journey to see her baby delivery. Luckily she would be in Portland for the birth of her 3rd. Her due date was not until April 26 but the Dr. kept telling her that she was going to have the baby "anytime". She was ripe and ready! Friday morning I get an urgent call from my mom and dad that they feel the baby is going to join the family sometime during the weekend. I booked a ticket for that evening, changed a few things around with my schedule and made sure my kid's were all taken care of. I had a return flight home for monday afternoon.

I get there ready to start up labor! Saturday morning we wake up and decide to go on a LONG walk! I find a bright orange whistle and put Katie and her baby to work! Anytime the whistle blew I yelled out a command. It was either "curb walk", "run up hill pushing stroller", or "jump on tramp"! Every night we slept in our clothes with plans of waking in the night from broken water or strong contractions. Monday morning came around and NO baby! My mom and Bryan called and talked me into extending my trip for just a few more days. Hesitant to leave my kids any longer... I finally decide to stay since it would be a once in a lifetime chance to be there with my sister. Monday late morning we went to see her Doctor. She checked Katie again and said she was SURE her water would break in the next 6 hours and was in beginning stages of labor. If not to come in the next morning. She would help out the process with some pitocin and get the labor started.

Tuesday morning we went in and that afternoon at 4:57 pm with some HARD pushing... Katie birthed a darling little boy! I think the best part was that we didn't know the gender! I am so glad that it all worked out the way it did. We were able to enjoy each other's company and explore Portland (although it was freezing) before the birth. Everything was just perfect! I am SO glad that I was able to go up there! Love you Kate and Tanner! Thanks for letting me share in this special time in your life!

Carlsbad Flowers Field Trip

This was my favorite picture of the bunch. I would like to Thank the lady in the back for giving us all a good laugh when we downloaded the pictures. It sure was a fun day though. I have loved being room mom in Haven's class for the past 2 years because it means I automatically get to go on field trips! We had the best time together with all of her classmates and her teacher. I am OBSESSED with her teacher and it was fun to get to know her better too. Haven said her favorite part was the Tractor Ride around the flowers. I am going to say that my favorite part was the whole day!

09 April, 2011

08 April, 2011

April 2, 2011= Katie's 30th birthday and Haven's first lost tooth! An exciting day!

Spring Break Day 5

07 April, 2011

Spring Break Day 4