29 December, 2008

We had a cold, rainy Christmas this year and it was kind of nice.  
Christmas Eve we went to Bryan's parents where the kids did a nativity scene.  Haven got to be Mary.
Berkley was an Angel
Santa came and surprised the kids at the end of the night and they loved it.  

Christmas morning we got to talk to Bryan's sister in Poland.  
I think Gordon was one of the BEST gifts we ever got.  The girls still cuddle and play with him everyday.
Opening some presents from Santa on Christmas morning.

Santa brought Gordon a sweater and new toy.

Our neighbor Patti and her daughter Kate came over to give the girls cute mittens and some games.
Playing in the Christmas rain
We stayed in our Pajamas and went over to my parents where Haven got some rollar skates
and some jewelry
Berkley got some fairy wings
Cousin Trina with Gordito.
Bryan relaxing by the fire with some hot chocolate.  It doesn't get better than that!

21 December, 2008


Berkley's play group gift exchange!
Haven's preschool program
Haven's dance program

Mall pictures with Santa

Mad about Plaid party

"Scrooge" at the Glendale Center theatre with the Garlock Family cousins (a 40 year tradition)

Sorry it took longer and that I did not have it up yesterday.  My sweet little Grandpa took a bad fall while we were all together at a play in LA yesterday.  He broke his hip and had a surgery this morning.  He will hopefully recover soon.  

I had Haven pick a random name out of a hat before she went to bed a few minutes ago and it read... NATALIE HALL!  I will have your gift out tomorrow morning Natalie and it will be there on Christmas Eve!  Merry Christmas everyone!  I loved all these stories and traditions... they were hilarious/ great!  Wish me luck this week as I still have to do over half of my shopping!  First year this has ever happened.

17 December, 2008

When 17 year olds run red lights in the rain...

it means your car is going back into the shop!

15 December, 2008

I am in the giving mood this Christmas plus I have something good that I want to mail to someone.  Leave me a funny or favorite Christmas story/ experience/ memory/ tradition and I will pick a winner on saturday and get a surprise present to them!  I thought this would be a fun way to get a gift (possibly gifts) to some of my blogging buds.

14 December, 2008

Red Sweater Dresses
This Bath and Body works candle
A new GREAT Christmas CD!  Honestly... AWESOME!
These handmade marshmallows for my Cocoa
Our lopsided tree this year
My $1 vintage hand beaded ornaments from the Salvation Army in Prescott
My fake candy hanging from our front yard tree
The 90% off wreaths I got at Target after Christmas last year ($2 each)
The Merry Christmas garland my grandma sent me