29 February, 2008

All month...

I have been waiting for this movie to come out:

Today, I logged on to look at computer times and this movie is rated R!  I am so irritated.  Will hasn't come out with a new movie for awhile and I was ready and excited!  Oh well!  Instead I will see this:

Blogspot hits the spot!

Although I will miss our old blog site, so far I am really having fun with and loving blogspot! Sorry if it is a little boring right now.  I hate that I am having to start all over.  It stinks that I can't archive my last years events but oh well.  It is really easy to use.  I am so happy about that because that was one of my biggest fears about making the switch.  I felt like I was comfortable with my old site and was scared it would take me awhile to adjust to the new one.  So far, so good!  Let the blogging begin!