30 August, 2008


The past week and a half I have been in and out of the Dentist office.  My teeth started to hurt and when I went in to see why... I found out that I needed THREE crowns and TWO fillings! Basically, my back molars all had so many silver fillings in them that they caused my teeth to crack! So I now have 3 temporary crowns on.  The other day, I started getting the worst toothache.  I went in AGAIN and one of them had a hole in it.  I am now on a steroid drug to prevent a possible ROOT CANAL!!!  I am sooo scared!  I have realized that I would rather be in labor than get dental work done!  At least something good comes out of labor in the end!!!  Here is why I REALLY hate the dentist:
1. Sometimes I don't get enough novacaine and can feel things.  Then I have to get another shot!
2. The sound of the drilling on my tooth makes me cringe... I have been bringing music to listen to but this does NOT take away from the next problem.
3. The smell of teeth being drilled to nubs... I HATE that smell!
4. When you rinse and spit and see TONS of blood.
I really hope that my kids get Bryan's teeth.  The guy does not take near the care of his teeth as I do and has NO cavities! I am pretty confident that I will have dentures by the time I am 40!

OH and did I mention that we don't have dental insurance? Bryan told me that this is my Christmas and Birthday for the next couple years!

28 August, 2008

We had some fun celebrating Berkley's Birthday.  On her birthday's eve we had a swim and dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Thacker's house!

On her birthday morning, Grace and Faith came over to bring fun surprises that they had each picked out!

Haven went to her pre-school teacher's house for a little play date and they made Berkley a mini cake!
After naps... we put on her party clothes and headed out to Knott's Berry Farm with Nonny and Poppy.

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..."
The kids LOVED all the little rides that are in Camp Snoopy!

After Knotts we went to eat and opened some presents.

And I forgot a candle to go in her Sprinkles cupcake!  We made do with a match???
Today we had one last hoorah as my mom treated us to pedicures!

Berkley is trying to show us her first pedi!
She picked her own color: "PURPLE"!

My friend ELIZABETH is doing an auction for a very good cause.  She has some really cute things so click HERE and check it out!!!

27 August, 2008

We can't believe that this kid is 2!  It has gone by so fast.  

Here are some things that Berkley LOVES:
*"Dito" as she says (Gordito aka Gordon)
*Putting on her own shoes
*Taking off her diapers
*Un-locking the front door and running away
*Green beans
*Playing with her Sissy

Our sweet mellow baby is turning into her own... we love her and how she adds so much excitement to our lives!!!

24 August, 2008


Let's just say that I'm so GLAD that I got this picture earlier in the day. 
Because later in the day this would happen:

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
I felt like I could put up this last naked picture since my blog is private but still had to do a little editing.  What is it with this child though?  Everyday it is something new with her... she is CRAZY!  And the outfit went straight out to the trash.  It's ruined!

This weekend we took the kids to the Honda Center to see "Walking with Dinosaurs".  I didn't know how much my kids would like it and I was surprised how much they DID enjoy it!  They loved it actually.  
It was amazing to see how they re-created these dinosaurs to seem so real!
Haven and Kaili had these priceless looks on their faces half the time.
Berkley liked it SO much that she would stick out her lip and cry every time a dinosaur would leave the stage!  She would say "No Bye Bye"!

Last but not least.... please check out this website (www.pandora.com)!!!  We are obsessed with it.  It will explain everything when you are on the site but basically you are creating your own radio station with music that you like.  I put it on every morning and night as I am doing dishes!  It's GREAT!!!

22 August, 2008


I must admit that I have missed Disneyland this summer.  The first day our passes weren't blacked out was on monday.  Although I knew it would be HOT and CROWDED, I decided to drop my plans of cleaning my house, throw on some clothes and meet Megan there.  Disneyland is much more fun!  

Berkley loved Megan!
And Collin actually really liked me and wasn't crying for her mama!
Last night I went again with Megan, Sarah and Jenny but this time with out the kids!!!  We put them to bed and off we went to go on some rides and shut the place down!

It was SO fun to see Sarah, my dearest room mate from College.  She hasn't changed one bit and I love her for that!

I faced my FEAR of scary rollar coasters when Megan forced me onto several.  This was the first one of the night and it was AWFUL!  I am not joking when I tell you that half the ride, the rollar coaster is staying on the tracks from gravity.  There is NO way it is attached to the railing at certain points.
I hadn't been on Space Mountain since I was probably 12!  Everyone was excited about that ride too...
except for me!  But I did it anyway.
Matterhorn is a breeze for me.  NOT scary and I felt like I could finally relax!  
Splash Mountain left these girls soaked!
And other than a long wait in the fast pass line and then a ride technical difficulty... we had a rip roaring time on Indiana Jones!!!

We ended up not leaving the park until 1:00 am and we are all tired!  But it was worth it!!!  What a way to spend an evening!  Who's up for it again next week?