31 August, 2010

D's album comes out in just over a month and let me tell you... it is going to be GOOD! In case you need a reminder of the pipes this guy has click HERE! It is literally music to your ears and will give you chills! And no I don't mind that my kids will have childhood memories of him practicing this song and all his others on our piano.

29 August, 2010

Berkley's 4th birth-DAY!

Berkley had a FUN day on friday. It started of with our traditional hot and cold gift search! We attempted the orange air balloon at Irvine Park but it was closed due to wind. We played around the park for awhile with frisbees and soccer balls. And then thank goodness for the Spectrum! We headed there for some fun. Train and Merry go round rides, the purchase of a new fish at the pet store, corner bakery mac and cheese and cupcake decorating at The Sweet Shop! Happy Birthday crazy little B! We love you!

27 August, 2010

23 August, 2010

18 August, 2010

Ichibiri with GG

15 August, 2010