28 February, 2011

Google Man!

Marc Hemeon the genius sold his company to Google a few weeks ago! We are SO proud of him. A celebration was in order. The Hemeons treated us to The Counter for the BEST build your own burgers and fries! It was a night full of laughs and fun! Congrats Marc!


I love the saying that you can't live with them and you can't live with out them! My house seems to always be a mess. Someone always seems to be in time out. One of the girl's is always hungry. A diaper is dirty every time I turn around. A fight is being broken up every 60 minutes. But on the flip side... my messy house means my girls are having fun and playing. I love that I get to prepare healthy meals and snacks and watch these girls grow. I adore that I still have a little one to wear diapers and I would love to keep her a baby. A fight may be broken up every 60 minutes but the other 59 they are so sweet and loving to each other. I am finding so much JOY in raising these kids. They are the most silly, fun and adorable things I could have ever imagined. I can't picture my life with out them! Everyday with them is an adventure! One that I am loving!

22 February, 2011

Pizza Night!

I got these little deep dish pizza pans at Williams Sonoma and we are LOVING them!!! We had the best family night making our own creations! They turned out SO delicious!!!
and YOU!
Our three little sweethearts!!!