29 November, 2010


We had a great time in Prescott for Thanksgiving. We are outgrowing hotels and Jeanner's house so Bry, the girls and I stayed in a darling historic home this year. Bryan claims it was haunted. We did hear a loud bang in the middle of the night only to find all three kids fast asleep while checking the house. We ate TONS, saw a hall of gingerbread houses, drove through the Valley of the Lights show, saw Megaman, woke up early for Black Friday sales, had fun on a mall scavenger hunt that Bryan planned, thrift & antique shopped, ate out at some of our favorite spots in town and tried to stay warm! It was great! And what is even greater is that it's time to start celebrating CHRISTMAS! I love this time of year!

Stolen camera by 2 little girls

It seems to be that each time I download pics from one of my cameras, I am surprised with pictures I did not take! Some of them make me laugh. And some of them actually semi impress me. I think I know what I will be getting them for Christmas. Their own toy digital cameras. There is no wonder why mine keep breaking!

27 November, 2010

The Grove LA Tree Lighting

I took Haven and Katie took Reese for special time to The Grove Tree Lighting. It was WAY past their bedtime. We got home at 1:00! But it was great to see David perform. Here is to a cold winter in California as we are already seeing!

22 November, 2010


I have been inspired by THIS and want to try my hardest to appreciate all I have and enjoy all of my blessings daily. I was emailed by a friend about Megan about and month and a half ago. It was a request to possibly have a card or CD signed to Megan from David Archuleta since she was a big fan. Last night David signed a CD and wrote a nice message. I'm emotional. During this time of year... let us be especially THANKFUL for everything!

19 November, 2010

Berk the Turk

Berkley had her pre-school Thanksgiving performance this week. She practiced her songs everyday at home and did very well performing them to all the parents. I wish I knew how to download videos to my blog. It's pretty cute. She certainly sings LOUD. Good job Berkley the Turkley!

Joshua Radin

And again... another concert. We are sure on the circuit and loving it. I think this is the last one for awhile though. Joshua Radin was such a talent! He really puts on a show with audience participation, story telling and some comic relief! Cute personality on this guy. Bryan read up on him and found out he started singing after he got his degree in art and even began teaching at a school. So basically this guy has a lot going on in the talent department. And this is certainly not a bad back up plan!
My favorite concert is still Five For Fighting. I will follow them around forever! But this guy came in at a close second! He did an amazing show! Very fun night out. And thanks to my cute date for coming with me.

Citizenship Award

We are SO proud of our Haven girl! Today she was awarded the Good Citizenship Award for following rules and showing respect towards others. Her award says that Haven shows her good citizenship by saying kind things about others and being a good friend to all her classmates. And to be honest... that is all I care about as a parent. It's important to get good grades but I just hope that more than anything my kids are respectful and kind to everyone. Way to go Haven!

11 November, 2010

Brandon Flowers

Yes he's easy on the eyes. Yes he sounded just as good live as on his album. Yes I was obsessed with his outfit. Yes his last name is the coolest thing. Yes he's mormon. Yes I am on a concert kick. Yes we hit up Benito's Tacos after for some midnight mexican food. And YES... it was a really fun night!

06 November, 2010

Yeah... I'm obsessed

All things that describe my second Five for Fighting concert! Loved it! Loved it the second time around even better. When can I go to the next show?

04 November, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I'm a little behind in my blogging.