28 October, 2009




24 October, 2009

I love this time of year. We have been enjoying many things with family and friends. Knock on wood but no one has been sick yet. I feel SO fortunate for that! The last thing I need is to bring home sickness to the little baby. I hope to enjoy the next few months of holidays and don't want them to go by too quick!

Haven had her friend from Kindergarden come over one day and make Halloween Rice Krispy treats!
Katie, Mikelle and I dressed up for a fun Witch party hosted by our friend Aleisha!

A few nights later, we went to Mickey's Trick or Treat Party at Disneyland. Although the girls had a blast... it was not worth it. The tickets are fairly expensive and the candy was not what we had expected.

Last night we got back into costumes for our ward chili cook off and Halloween party!
Bryan threw together a last minute Willie Nelson costume and seemed to pull it off! He's hilarious!

The youth learned a "Thriller" dance and performed it later in the party!
Congrats to Katie Lady Hoffman! 1st place Chili winner! The best part was when she brought it into the party and told me that it turned out bad! Guess NOT!
Found these two hiding while stuffing their faces with candy!

HEY- how did two little kitty cats get stuck in the trash cans?
Sisterly LOVE!
I am so proud of my girls! Sure they have their moments of fighting but overall, they are so sweet to each other. I hope that they can all remain best of friends as they grow older together. Haven is really an excellent example to Berkley and August. They both adore her.

14 October, 2009

A favor
This cute little brother of mine called to ask if I would put THIS link up on my blog for a survey he is doing for school. He told me it would be quick... I just took it and it was a little longer than I expected. Only about 5 minutes though. So if you are bored and want to help him out he would appreciate it! Thanks!
And a few recent pics just because...