21 October, 2010


At 14.5 months, we finally have a walking baby August! She started on sunday and has been going strong ever since! I thought she would be my earliest walker but she threw me for a loop. She was certainly my longest crawler though (she crawled for 6 months)! Haven walked at 13 months and Berkley at 17 months (I was starting to get worried about her)! Berkley also didn't say a word for 2 years and now she won't shut up. I guess it is very much true when they say that these kids will do things at their own pace and when they are ready. Sad that I have a toddler soon.

20 October, 2010

My skinny dipping queen

A job well done at bootcamp this morning Left for Lucky Lindsey.

17 October, 2010

Primary Program

I have to say that I am so glad the primary program is over. Being Haven's teacher is great but comes with a lot of work. My class got into a giggle fest when it was their turn up at the mic. And then the mic fell over when I was trying to adjust it. Luckily... by the time Haven was up for her part she delivered with no laughing and actually spoke loud and clear. She after told me "Mommy I had sooo many butterflies". It was cute. And Berkley being a sunbeam was so funny of course. Her age group is so fun to watch. Half of the kids are in la la land and have no clue what is going on. Berkley being one of them of course for part of the time. The other time she made sure to sing very loud. And when I say that I mean LOUD! I can already tell she will be my kid that is standing up on tables at restaurants dancing and singing. Oh wait... she already does that!

16 October, 2010

Heidi's 30th

Our good friend and neighbor Heidi turned 30 on 10/10/10! To celebrate her husband threw her a great b-day party at Roy's in Newport Beach. The food was delicious but the company was even better. It was SO fun to sit at a table with some of our other neighbors! We had a fabulous time eating and chatting on hawaiian cuisine! Happy B-day to you Heidi!

12 October, 2010


Today I took Haven shopping for her friend Lily's birthday present. While I was going to the restroom I came out to see her like this. Then she said "Hi my name is Summer". Silly girl putting on my sunglasses and drinking my soda to imitate me. I think it was just her way of sneaking a sip of diet coke. I'm on to you and your pranks Haven. Love this girl!

11 October, 2010


Well- David Letterman does not want to walk. So I need to swallow my words when I said a month ago "She will be walking this week"! I don't know what her deal is. She will take about 3-5 steps on her own. Then she will look around and realize what she is doing to of course plop down to crawl! In the mean time... she is obsessed with her elephant rocking horse. And I am obsessed with showing her that she CAN walk!


One of our traditions after Tanaka Farms is to make a stew with the fresh vegetables that we picked. Since the farm was friday (and I don't cook friday nights) Berkley and I put one in the crock pot for FHE dinner tonight. I cut everything up and then she added all the ingredients. She even was excited to pour in the chicken broth "all by myself mommy". My house smells so good. Can't wait to see Berk beam with pride while telling Bryan, Haven and August that she got to help with dinner. The simple things.

09 October, 2010

Eat Chow

I found a new place that I'm obsessed with! Actually two new places! But I will blog the other one later. This one is called "Eat Chow" in Costa Mesa. The food is all homemade and delicious! The atmosphere is hip, trendy and chic. The waiters are super friendly and the prices are great. I have been there twice before tonight but Bryan had never been so I took him for date night and he loved it. We ordered the fried green tomatoes and thought they were fab! So far my favorite menu item is the Spanish Chicken Salad. I love it! And I love date night with just Bryan and I!

08 October, 2010

Fun Friday with my little B

Today Bryan was so nice to work from home so I could leave August with him. That meant Berkley and I could have some special time alone. It was very fun and I think she really enjoyed it. I did too! We had her school field trip at Tanaka Farms which is a favorite place of ours. It's always so fun to check out the petting zoo, take a tractor ride and pick fresh vegetable and pumpkins! The weather could not have been more perfect!
After we decided to make a stop at the Irvine Great Park where my new obsession The Lime Truck happened to be! I had a quesadilla with mozzarella and goat cheese, asparagus and proscuitta. I also ordered the cactus pear limeade! Next time I will indulge in the Carnitas Fries! SOOOO yummy! We rode on the "Pumpkin" hot air balloon and had a blast!
I came home to my other two kids and husband and we all decorated the outside of our house for Halloween and ended with dinner at Baja Fish Taco.

05 October, 2010

D's album came out today! So proud of him. He worked long and hard on this. He wrote 10 out of the 12 songs. My favorites are:
My kind of perfect, Elevator, Falling Stars and Parachutes and Airplanes
He's really looking so grown up to me! Love this boy.