18 March, 2009

St. Patrick's Night!
I went up to style David for his Southern California show.  It was really fun and he was AMAZING in concert!  Honestly, like a music prodigy!  The way he sings and plays the piano is unreal!  

David and his sweet aunt got me a cute little onesie for the baby that says "Lucky" on it.  David told me he got it because the baby is lucky to have me for a mom.  I told him that he hasn't seen me angry with my kids behind closed doors  :)!!
One of David's managers Josh. 
David still is really close with Jason Castro.  He came to the concert too and was mobbed by girls.  He just got signed by Atlantic records and is doing well.  He and his girlfriend were a pleasure to talk with.  
This Kristen girl who was kicked off this new season of Idol came and was cute.  
Hanging in the back after the show.  It was a great night!  Thanks to Megan for coming up with me and giving him a killer haircut before the show.  He loves your shaping Meg!
It was great to see David again.  He has been on tour and will continue to be for the next 2 months.  He leaves for Europe and Asia in a few weeks.  His album has almost gone platinum and his record label Jive is projecting BIG things for his future.  He is slowly and steadily getting bigger.  And I have yet to see it go to his head.  This kid is beyond humble and is a joy to be around.  


Lisa Harris said...

Fun night. Fun people. Great cuts(as always) I hope their paying MEgan big bucks for her cuts, they are well worth it!
BTW, you can start showing anytime. Really.

Anonymous said...

Looks SO fun and your makeup looks great I might add... :)

Hess Fam said...

thanks again for a fun night. just remember to correct your little whoops-a-daisy with Mr. Castro's name!
I think I need to work on giving myself a new do. i have a mop on my head!

SUMMER said...

Meg- it's been changed. Oops... can't believe I did that. Actually I can with this pregnancy brain lately!

Kippy said...

For a second I thought it was Jason Castro's girlfriend til I looked a little closer and saw it was Megan! Always looks like fun!

The Dean Family said...

so cute! & you look geat summer! how nice of david to give you a onesie!

The Trotter Family said...

How fun...I would love to be a fly on the wall for those events!

karlin said...

i'm glad other moms yell at their kids behind closed doors! :) gordon b is the star of your blog in my household... both Jason and Avaree wanted to see pics of gordon. in some pics he looks like a stuffed animal. he's so cute!!

amanda said...

i am so jealous. but, i am glad you are back to your blogging--self, that's my girl!
next time i'm there.