31 March, 2008

I LOVE that you are closer now...

When I was younger and we were living in LA, I have memories of a really delicious Chili Burger.  It has and always will be one of my family's favorite places.  My grandpa would frequent this place while he was teaching at USC.  He would take his kids whom all fell in love with it.  Then my Dad did the same with us who now all love it.  This month, Tommy's Burgers celebrated their 60th anniversary.  Tonight for Family Night, we went to dinner at their newest location which is only 10 minutes from our house!!!  Greasy Chili cheese fries and a Chili Cheeseburger are sitting in my stomach right now and I couldn't be happier!  Thank you Tommy!

30 March, 2008


Friday night after our ward activity, we came home and packed to leave saturday morning for Palm Springs.  It was a really quick trip but fun.  The weather was beautiful there and we got some good sun.  I am already starting to get sick of laying out and the summer has not even begun.  I certainly don't get that from my dad!  While we were there, some friends of ours had a Grand Opening for their new Jewelry store in La Quinta.  It is really nice and I am excited for them!  We are home again to start a new week and I came home with a nasty cold.  When do cold and flu bugs start to go away?  Enough with all the sickness this year.  :)

Haven, Berkley and cousin Reese
"You're blocking my sun!" is my Dad's favorite quote!  Please at least start to wear sunscreen Dad!  He NEVER will!
Berkley is taking after her Papa.
Getting ready for the Jewelry Store opening
Congratulations Tyson and Brooke!

Tanner making a delicious sunday morning brunch!
Berkley loving her new cousin Beck!
Twins again?  We happened to bring the same church dress for sunday!
A sunday cruise
Haven sitting very lady like on the way home!

28 March, 2008

Let the good times "Roll"!

This week was a little stressful.  Bryan and I are the Chair and Co-chair of the activities committee for our ward at church.  We have been planning a Bunco night and tonight was the night it all went down.  I have to say that I have been nervous about it the past few days.  This was our first activity.  Would it run smooth?  Would we have a good turn out?  Would people have fun?  I have to say that I am so glad it is over.  And... I think that it went good!  People seemed to be into the game and enjoying each other's company.  That is always so nice to see!  So, now we can breathe for a bit until we start planning our next activity.  Bryan wants to do a 3K and breakfast.  Sounds great!  Bring on the FUN!

Bryan made our poster to have in church the 2 weeks prior!
The party people!
The winners with their prizes!
The treats!  I swear.. this is my last encounter with cupcakes for awhile!
The milk to wash them down!
Our activities committee w/ special guest... Tristen!

26 March, 2008

Hi, my name is Summer...

... and I am a Sprinkles cupcake addict!  No, I am NOT pregnant but I have been craving Sprinkles cupcakes almost every day lately.  I will visit there at least twice weekly!  This has been going on for about a month.  I have gained 4 pounds and my clothes are starting to not fit.  I will go and not just order one, but 6-12 cupcakes.  Most of the time, they are with intentions to give to other people. They don't seem to make it all the way home though.  I average eating 3 cupcakes per visit!  The rest I save for the next day or give to Bryan.  I wondered to myself if I am just getting into a craze as places like "Sprinkles" and "Pinkberry" can do to someone.  However- every time I bite into one of those sweet, soft cakes... I know that it is not a craze... it's love.  I really need some help.  This is a bad habit I'm forming and a horrible addiction!  I lay in bed at night and feel like my arteries are clogged with Red Velvet cream cheese frosting... and then I crave another.  I must be stronger!  I am going to get over this addiction.  Even with peer pressure from Amanda, I will not be giving into Sprinkles runs for the next little while. What are you addicted to or crave these days?

The word on the street is...

... BABYSTYLE right here in our very own mall is closing it's doors!  Everything is on SALE!  I think it is only 20% now but soon it will be more... Although I am always up for some good deals, I am sad to think that it will be gone!  Haven and Berkley will certainly miss the FREE animal cookies and fishy crackers that they always have there while we shop!
UPDATE: 5 Babystyle stores are closing.  They are being weird about telling which ones.  I would call if there is one close to your house to see if that location will be staying or not.

23 March, 2008

NO Pet Bunny but a fun filled Easter weekend!

We had the busiest yet most fun weekend starting on Thursday!  It was a great time we were able to spend with family and friends.  Here are some of the things we were able to enjoy in this beautiful spring weather:

~ Picture with the Easter Bunny (Berkley did not think that was too fun as you can see)!

~ Lunch with Kristi and her darling kids at the Spectrum.

~ Haven's pre-school program.  They all dressed up like cute little bunnies and hopped around while singing... all the moms were in heaven!

~ Spa afternoon with Amanda.  I needed a massage SO badly!

~ Receiving a FUN box of Modbe clothes that I won on Shalyse's blog!

~ Easter dinner and fun Easter activities with Grandma and Grandpa Thacker!

~ Bryan saying "YES" and then a few hours later "NO" to our pet bunny!

~ Four Egg Hunts!

~ Making hair bows late at night with Jenny Tucker

~ Hearing stories all weekend about why we should NOT get a pet bunny!

~ Getting our first bad sunburn of the year while enjoying pizza and building sandcastles at the beach!

~ Dinner in Newport with Tom and Joy!

~ Easter morning surprises for the kids.

~ Great Church meeting.

~ Delicious Easter dinner with some of the cousins!

~ My mom surprising my sister and I with bright yellow JCrew dresses for Easter.

*** I LOVE this time of year***

21 March, 2008

Meet our handsome new neighbor...

... Vaughn Marc Hemeon weighing in at 8 pounds 9 ounces!  We got to go meet him last night and it makes me want a boy!  He is adorable with chubby cheeks and a big dimple!  Tarah looked amazing right after delivery and I just know that she is so GLAD to have the baby out!  Congrats Tarah and Marc!  I am available to babysit him ASAP!

20 March, 2008

Pretty PLEEAAASE Bryan!

So I really want to get a bunny for the girl's to put in their baskets Easter morning.  How stinkin' cute would that be?  I found a REALLY cute and unique looking one on craigslist tonight.  The owners live close and it is still available.  The only problem is that Bryan won't agree to it!!!  Our backyard is perfect for a bunny.  Lots of room to run around with out a way to escape.  I would make it an outdoor bunny and put a hutch back there.  I have really wanted a pet lately and since a dog is out of the question... a bunny sounds perfect and less maintenance!!!  I promise that I really will take good care of it!  Can everyone please leave a comment on here to talk Bryan into it!?  I need him to be convinced by tomorrow evening before the bunny is gone.  I will call him Spuds Mackenzie because of the patch on his eye!  The above picture is actually him!!!  Could you just die over the mini carrot in his mouth?


Are you kidding me?  I believe in the Easter Bunny... make no mistake about that!  Today... a DHL van pulled up to my house.  I thought he was going to the neighbors but 30 seconds later my doorbell rang.  He handed me a Nordstrom box.  I knew that I hadn't ordered anything and was confused.  When I opened the box, these shoes were inside.  Look familiar?  I was so surprised!!!  I could not believe it.  A VERY nice friend sent them to me from the Easter Bunny and all I have to say to her is "I Love you".  Thanks so much for being such a wonderful friend!  Also, please don't do anything like this again.  It was too nice and these were way too much.  I will wear them proudly though....  possibly on sunday for the Easter Bunny! 

18 March, 2008

Oh Easter Bunny...

...please know that I will NOT be mad if you want to fill my basket with a few of these things: