29 June, 2010

Dear Gordon,

We have been together for 2 years now. I do love you and think you are amazingly adorable! However- you irritate me lately. I am over sharing a bed with you. I am sick of the constant barking when the door gets a knock or bell gets a ring. Or when someone comes in the house. I understand when you act like you are going to nip at Berkley. She deserves it! But poor little August doesn't do anything and sometimes you do it to her as well. In recent times... I find you super annoying when you throw up and pee on my carpet. It's just wrong and I have no tolerance for it anymore. You are a poodle. Your breed is supposed to be one of the smartest. Please start to show it soon. I don't want to part with you. I secretly love that you follow me around all day and night. I love that you keep me warm on a cold winter's night. And I love to look at your cute face when I'm down. It makes me smile. Oh gordy... shape up. I don't want to call you a naughty dog anymore.
Your owner and friend, Summer

28 June, 2010

26 June, 2010

Laguna Trolley

Although Summers in Laguna are crowded and touristy... there are MANY fun things going on. We always love going to see Pageant of the Masters. The Sawdust Festival is great! And the free Trolley rides through town are a must! The last Trolley stop is right in front of my parent's neighborhood. My mom had the brilliant idea to take the kids for a ride and end up in downtown to see Toy Story 3! It was very fun and the kids had a blast. I would be lying to say if I didn't too. The movie was darling and so touching. I shed a few tears. If you haven't seen it... you really should. Sweet story message!


In a nutshell~
thai food*overcoming fears*building confidence*laughter*little to no sleep*times square*magnolia bakery*lots of walking*meat packing district*dollar t-shirts*pop burgers*bleaker street pizza*successful photo shoot*matt clayton*amazing jive record execs*millenium hotel*hired drivers*anxiety*two suitcases full of cloths and shoes*heat and humidity*lots of sweat*scary coney island people*dispurse*jake chessum photography*root studio brooklyn*crazy fan encounters*food to bums*early call time*adventure of a lifetime.

20 June, 2010

Father's Day

We had a wonderful Father's Day! The weather was perfect. We were able to go to Stake Conference last night for the adult session and then again today. It was seriously AMAZING. I loved the talks and it always feels so nice to be spiritually uplifted. I think I am extra emotional these days knowing that my sister is leaving for 5-7 years too. I have not cried in a long time to say the least. My eyes enjoyed the cleanse. :) This morning I woke up early and made Bryan's request of steel cut oatmeal with almonds and raisins stewed in butter & cinnamon. The girls gave him the gifts they made him at school. We also colored cheesy mugs for him just for the memory. They turned out awful and my chair now has permanent marker on it but the girls had a great time making them. And sometimes that is all that matters. I got Bryan some new clothes since none of his fit! He's down 40 pounds and looks and feels great! Baby August woke up and I put a See's sugar free candy bar in her hand to give him. It was cute. We had a yummy BBQ and played at the park. We adore our daddy and think he's the best! He is always having fun with us. We heard a quote at conference this weekend that said "The family that plays together stays together". We certainly like to do this and Bryan plays a big part in our always fun adventures. He is such a good father and is so supportive by always helping with the kids. This week I am leaving them for the first time ever for a few days. And I can sleep great while I am away knowing that they are in the best hands. Their daddy is the man! He's my man! Love you Bry! Thanks for putting up with me and being the father of my children!

18 June, 2010

Sometimes a day in LA with Gar Bear is all a girl needs.

12 June, 2010


9 years ago in the same ward we are still in... I was called to be the beehive advisor (12&13 year old girls) at church. I had the cutest and most fun girls! A few years later I was called again to be with the girls but this time as Laurel Advisor (16-18 year old girls). Kristen was in both of my classes. It is fun to see how she has matured and grown into such an amazing person. I am SO proud of her. We have always loved catching up whenever she is home at Christmas and in the Summer from BYU. She loves to come see my girls and they adore her too. Today I was able to go to her bridal shower and next month she will marry a great guy and soon start a family. I couldn't be more excited for her.

YOU GO D!!!!

Congrats to David for his book hitting #15 on the New York Times best seller list. I could not be more proud! Well deserved my friend. Could this be the first book I read in years? We will see...

11 June, 2010

Matt Clayton...

... is coming to SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA July 5-11!!! I could not be more excited! His work is beyond brilliant! He was my brother's old boss and the greatest! Please check out his website HERE and get in touch with him if you want pictures!!!

10 June, 2010